Our Harvard Hero

Tara and Eva Harvard Heroes
Photo-A-Day #3352

We went to Boston today to celebrate a great honor that my sister, Tara, received. She was awarded a Harvard Hero award. She invited us to the event along with Eva along with my sister, parents and grandparents.

For much of the ride in Eva played on the Nintendo 3DS. She’d tell us about what was happening in her game. So, she didn’t quite look around until we got right into the city. I know that we’ve taken her to New York city before but maybe she had forgotten. She was excited by all the buildings around Cambridge. We had to walk up tot he top of the parking garage so she could look around. It was a parking garage and you really didn’t see much but the tops of buildings, however she was excited with what she saw.

As it turned out we went to an incredibly beautiful building which was Memorial Hall. The event was in the Sanders Theatre. It was such a beautiful building. The ceremony was very nice with the president of Harvard reading a blurb about each of the 64 Harvard Heroes. That might sound like a lot of people however there are 12,000 people working at Harvard and so only one half of one percent of the staff at Harvard are selected for this honor. So, it was a pretty big deal and we are so proud.

There was a nice reception afterwards and we met some of Tara’s co-workers. They were very excited to meet Eva. Eva was so well behaved and had a great time. We took a bunch of photos in front of the Harvard Heroes backdrop. I love this one of Eva with her aunt, who was already Eva’s hero.

I also took a photo of Eva in front of the building as we left. Makes me think, future president of Harvard.

Future Harvard President