Who’s that kid… PAD #1020

Who's That Kid... PAD #1020

Color me inspired by Chica. She has one of my favorite Photoblogs out there these days. Earlier this week she shot some Kiwi to focus on the brown texture of the fuzzy outside of the kiwi. The photo is really stunning. I was thinking of what sort of food I could photograph that had a distinctive texture and settled on Oreos. Allison had me pick up some cookies yesterday and when I think of cookies I think of Oreos even though I shouldn’t have them. But they taste so good. Well, these were photographed and not eaten, by me. I did another one with a different focus. Which one do you like more?

Photo-A-Day #1020b 01/23/08

I have been having some awesome success with Entrecard lately and people have really been responding to this blog. I also keep dropping 300 cards a day. Today I redesigned my Entrecard and spent over 3000ec to have it advertised on many blogs. I wanted something completely different so as to catch people’s eyes. One of my most eye catching photos was of the Cake Plow from PostieCon. Take the way back machine and read my post “Ted Murphy Gave Me PinkEye!” for the full story and video.

I wanted to play upon the fact that I am mostly quiet, reserved and mature. But there is also a fun wacky side to me, too. I also wanted to put that with the latest catch phrase that we have been using around our house and that is … “Really?” (Listen to the Utterz to get the story on that one). Here is the new Entrecard.

New Entrecard

Now you might disagree with my changing my Entrecard and messing around with my branding. That is okay. One of my top droppers even said that Pepsi doesn’t change their logo overnight. Well, I am flattered by being compared to Pepsi but I look at it this way, the new card is eye catching and kinda funny. People who have been clicking the old one might be getting sick of it so they may not click on it anymore. However by the looks of things people have been clicking on my card often. Here is a thumbnail of a screen shot I took this evening. I am almost in the top 10 most popular blogs. That is nuts. Top 15 I plan on making some changes on a regular basis to keep my card fresh. I’ll always have the BenSpark name on it to tie things together, sometimes it will be my fun side, sometimes my serious photography side. It will remain fresh and new. Maybe not the best strategy for branding but each one could catch some fresh faces looking towards this blog. And once they get here, the content needs to be good enough to keep folks coming back. I hope that my photos do that for you. Thanks for visiting.

Oh yea one last thing. I listened to the archived show of Mr. Fab’s Karaoke Duets episode. If you have sensitive ears and are easily offended don’t listen. But if you want to hear some folks having a very good time demolishing duets then you should check it out. That Fab is a funny, funny man. I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats. (My Apologies to Peter for that line.)

Utterz added a great new feature today. Check out this video about the new feature.

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20 thoughts on “Who’s that kid… PAD #1020”

  1. Ben, I like the top picture best. The bottom one looks unintentionally blurry for some reason…as if it were done by mistake.

    Although, to be perfectly honest–both are making me hungry.


  2. Ah heck, I feel all gushy LOL. Thanks for all the praise and whatnot, I owe you my start to my photoblog. As for the oreos, I am restraining myself from licking my monitor, and I’m on a diet, so how dare you! 🙂

    Your new card looks great, I have enough credits to advert on your blog, but ya never have a spot open. Fabsters show was great, I am hoping to be int eh next one, and hoping noone can hear me again. haha

  3. That oreo is scary… I licked my monitor…

    I also clicked on your face because it lunged out at me. It’s different for sure but I think it looks a little raunchy… I’m scared of you and your plaid shirt…

    I’ll check back in tomorrow though!


  4. I like the second photograph about cookies, because I can see the details on top of cookie. That area is too blurry in the first photograph.

    What comes to your new card, it is radically different from your previous one, but technically it looks like sharper image, etc. and if it makes you happy, its fine by me.
    I feel that having yourself as part of card might be good idea as long as blog is maintained by one person and rest of the card tells something about blog’s theme etc.
    My biggest problem in creating such card for myself is that I usually prefer to stay on the other side of the camera and as such I have rather limited set of good self portraits.

  5. Thanks for the tremendous backhanded compliment LOL

    Chica does indeed rock!

    I like the first cookie picture best.

    I signed up for this Entrecard thing, I guess I better start paying attention to it, eh?

    Wow…this post was packed with tasty goodness.

  6. The first, the front cookie is in focus and that makes the other one a nice background. Of course, I would eat either one, no I would eat both.

  7. Chica, you deserve the praise, you have a heck of an eye for photos. You thought not licking the monitor was tough, how about not eating the physical cookies that were in front of me, talk about tough.

    I liked the duet, but you are right we couldn’t hear you, although being able to place a voice with the photos and comments was cool. I have to make sure I get a chance to listen to the next show.

  8. Thanks, I’d address you by name but you didn’t leave one. I liked the comment so I kept it up, however I’d appreciate using a name instead of a keyword, I edited it to say blog. Since I do drop cards over on your blog I kept up the comment and the comment was funny.

    Raunchy? I’m not sure the photo can be called raunchy? Does the plaid make it raunchy? I wanted the image to jump out, more clicks. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Heather,
    I go through a couple of lists and drop like crazy, I spend a good deal of time throughout the day dropping. At the same time I do other things like respond to blog comments and write a post or two on the other blogs. I keep very busy.

  10. Juha,

    I prefer being on the other side of the camera as well but occasionally I do get a shot or two of myself. I think I will alternate between some of my best shots and some shots of me, tying everything back to the name BenSpark. I liked the second one as well but my wife liked the first one. On the second one there is a disconnect between the ares of focus. There is focus/blur/focus where the first one is mostly blur and just some focus.

    Thanks for commenting.

  11. Mr. Fab,

    If it wasn’t backhanded then it wouldn’t have been a compliment at all. But seriously I liked your show and I’ve been meaning to catch it. I did listen to the whole thing and enjoyed it.

    I’ll have to drop my card on your blog and get my add placed there. That will be a high profile place to get traffic. The throngs of Fab supporters.

    I try to pack my posts with something for everyone.

  12. Sam,
    I won credits, very cool, I didn’t realize that I had won. You can see how well I follow football. Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog.I visit yours daily.

  13. Dad,
    That is pretty much why I chose the first one, the tight focus on one part rather than having the focus spread around between the two cookies.

  14. I love Oreos, and I like the first photo better. The part nearest me is in focus, which makes me feel like it’s closer to being in my mouth. Mmmmm. Oreos. Get me a glass of milk and I’ll go to town!

  15. Hi GeekMom,
    Glad you liked the photo. Looks like the overwhelming majority of commentors like #1 best. I like your description of why you like it. Thanks for commenting.

  16. Hey Laurie, sorry about doing that to you. I am not supposed to eat them at all. Diet or not, they aren’t on the menu for a diabetic. And they are so tempting.

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