“I Love My Hat”… PAD #1021

"I Love My Hat"... PAD #1021

I love when I get a chance to work from home. I find that I get a good deal of work done and I also get to listen to my daughter have a good time playing. Eva has taken to cooing and squealing each morning as she wakes up. She basically gets herself all excited and entertained and when she is hungry the sounds change. This is all very new to us and it is fun. Here cooing and squeals are so spontaneous and they make us smile so much.

I love coupons. I like finding them, cutting them and especially using them. One of my favorite activities on Sunday is reading the paper to find out what places are having sales on things we use all the time. Tonight Allison and I went to CVS to buy many things for Eva, necessities and the like. We ended up with about $100 worth of things and ended up only paying $56 plus we walked out with over $28 in future coupons. So we basically saved close to $75.00. I was ecstatic. Then we went to Babies R Us and got a couple of toys for Eva’s swing and stroller. Eva is starting to grab things and shake them. She grabs our fingers as well as rattled and other toys. Allison filmed Eva with a rattle wailing on one of her stuffed toys that hangs from her baby gym. It is so funny watching how into it she becomes. The kid cracks me up.

The home computer is still not recognizing any items that try and make new drives. So we had to borrow my Dad’s printer so Allison could print things when I am not home. I did send a question to Dear Cali and hope that she has time to help me with this problem as I have not found any help online so far. In fact I have found that not many people who offer ‘expert’ advice have much to add. I also noticed that people who have technical problems don’t offer enough information. I know that Cali Lewis from GeekBrief.tv is knowledgeable and I bet she can help me.

I also got a special delivery today. Check it out on my Utterz video.

I took a page out of AndyCaster’s book. And I got a very special delivery from The Mad Gringo today. Three new Hawaiian Shirts!

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16 thoughts on ““I Love My Hat”… PAD #1021”

  1. Thanks very much Lad. Glad I could make your day. Eva makes ours each day. And thanks for the nice words about her.

    I noticed that you haven’t approved my Entrecard ad for your blog yet. Is it an okay ad? Have you been doing much with Entrecard? I noticed that you have two cards that go to the same blog. How did you find time to do that?

  2. Aww She is going to be quite the heartbreaker, I love that mischievous glint she seems to have in her eyes. That’s great about the bargains too! 🙂

  3. Drew,

    I’m totally flattered that you gave me a credit.

    Great job and I like the shirts you picked…

    I’m gonna have to check out that Mad Gringo…

    Keep on Uttering!

  4. No problem Andy, I should have used the better webcam. The shirts are awesome. I’ve purchased 6 of them from Mad Gringo so far.

  5. She certainly is and I would if I could. Oh well, time keeps ticking. Thanks for the cool blog post about me coming out to Chicago for BBQ.

  6. Hi Karen,

    Yes I will be in Hammond as well as Kokomo, IN. Do you happen to be located anywhere near either location. Send me an e-mail and maybe I can catch up with you as well. That would be cool.

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