New Nap Spot – PAD #1029

New Nap Spot - PAD #1029

This week Allison sent me a photo message with a photo of Oliver in his new napping spot. When I got home today Allison showed me Oliver taking a little nap. Then he woke up to peek out at me. Also this is the top of Allison’s closet, I am not sure how he actually gets up there. But cats get everywhere.

My travel was fine today, I did end up landing about the same time as my next flight was scheduled to leave, but because of a delay I actually made it. So nothing real exciting about my travel today.

I finally got my comic books and my comic book guy had not pulled Angel Season Six #1 and 2 for me. Argh, now I have to wait or find them somewhere. I may hit the mall and pick them up if they still have them.

I finally got to watch the season premiere episode of Lost. Wow, that was a good one, I am so glad that is back on the air.

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8 thoughts on “New Nap Spot – PAD #1029”

  1. I am glad you made it home and without too much hassle. Are you saying he didn’t get you the Angel comic book or do you want the latest Angel dvd’s?

  2. Cats are amazing creatures. I seems like they have springs on their paws. One stray cat ended up on my neighbors roof, but couldn’t figure out how to get down. Do you like comics? Do you ever visit Comic-Con in San Diego?

  3. It was the angel comic book that I was waiting for. I’ll have to find it somewhere. I have all the Angel DVDs and Buffy and Firefly and all those sorts of things. I’ve been reading the Buffy comic and love it.

    Yep, home safe and sound, Allison and Eva loved the hat and book. Eva can’t wear the hat till after the superbowl and then she can wear it whenever her uncles are not around. That was really thoughtful of you. Allison loved the book very much as well.

  4. Hey AV,

    Yeah cats are so amazing sometimes. And then right pains in the butt other times. Oliver is such a scardey cat that it you scare him he could jump straight onto a roof.

    I do enjoy comics but I have never been to comic-con. That would be a fun trip I bet.

  5. I was never a cat person until I met my husband, now I totally love cats, at least if they can’t claw me to shreds! Glad all the traveling is going good for you 🙂

  6. I bet he jumps on the clothes and then pulls himself up. he is cute up there. I wonder why he is hiding. Has he adjusted well to the baby?

  7. Oliver has actually adjusted pretty well. So has Duncan, they are very good with her so far. Curious but not that close right now.

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