Silver Surfer… PAD #1044

Silver Surfer... PAD #1044

Today started out with a trip to the comic book store with Eva. Allison needed some time to get ready so I took Eva with me to Wild Time Comics. Wild Time was having a sale and I had been contemplating buying a copy of J. Michael Straczynski’s Rising Stars complete series in hardcover for about 2 years. The sticker says limited to 100 copies and it was $100.00 but then it was 30% off. I treated myself with some of my bonus money. I also got issue #11 of Buffy Season #8 and issue #2 of Angel season #6. I got that one at Newbury comics because it had not been pulled for me. I am still missing issue #1 of Angle Season #6 and hope to get it soon, then I can start reading that series. I even posted an Utter just before I left the comic book shop.

Today I also took the Best Buy gift cards that I got for Christmas and got Guitar Hero 3. We haven’t played it yet because I am watching the sale paper’s tomorrow to see if anywhere has it for less. Last week Toy’s R Us had it for $69.00 I figure that this week another retailer might do the same thing.

We took a ride down to the Cape today and had lunch with my sister Shelby. We went to the British Beer Company. And when we pulled into the beach parking lot I noticed that the Jeep next to us had two Silver Surfer figures glued to the hood. I pulled out the camera and snapped the photo-a-day.

Eva slept most of the time that we were at lunch but she finally did wake up in time to head over to visit my grandmother and grandfather. Shelby came with us too and she got to spend some more time with Eva.

After a nice visit with the grandparents we came home and I made the call to Dell. I was on the phone for an hour and a half with India. Outsourcing, gotta love it… (Not). At least this guy said his name was Rashneesh and not Anthony or Bill like they sometimes do to sound more American. I have to admit he was very professional and helpful. However there was one point where he had me open the case and try and take out a battery with a screwdriver. Even if I could have pulled out the battery I didn’t think that was good idea. Through the course of the conversation I learned that the error that was happening was my doing. It was my monitor, specifically the base of the monitor that was causing the problem. I realized this through the course of tests we did and finally told the tech that it was working fine so I could get off the phone and fix ‘MY’ error. So, new computer is working now.

Now I’m writing my daily post while Allison plays Cooking Mama Cook Off. Such a bizarre game. She loves it though.

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10 thoughts on “Silver Surfer… PAD #1044”

  1. Dude the Silver Surfer rules. I resort to buying my comics online with ebay because I haven’t found a good comic book store around here which reminds me I need to buy the last 2 for the Stephen King series.

  2. I’m not a silver surfer fan, never read any comics. I like the Transformers and G.I. Joe. I’m a big 80s fan. If yo lives in New Hampshire you would be near an awesome comic book store. My buddies run it.

  3. I’m not sure how they stay on I think probably super glue or something like that. I saw a car with a ton of things glued on it in the parking garage at the hotel I used to stay at in Vancouver. I think there is a photo in my archives. I will have to find it.

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