Jamming Online… PAD #1046

Jamming Online... PAD #1046

Day off, weather is crap. What is one to do today. Play some Guitar Hero 3. The game rocks. My friend Derek has a wi-fi connection and a webcam, we have a wi-fi connection and a webcam. So Derek and I jammed and talked and then Allison and Derek jammed and talked, then Allison and Michelle jammed and talked. It was awesome. I love how technology makes the miles seem so close when friends and family are so far away. It was an awesome afternoon.

Today I got a bunch of photos that my dad took on his ride to Key West with his friend Dale. He used my GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr too as they road 346 miles on one day. So there are few photos but the PhotoTrackr worked awesome and captured the whole trip. When they finally did get on the road, after two days in the rain with Dan and Marcia (The guys were fed well) they could get on the road. And they were determined to get to Key West and back in a day and a half.

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  1. Many years ago we have to wait for weeks even for months to get in contact with our relatives and friends who live abroad, via conventional mail but now it just takes a little moment, and you could be even listening and watching them.

  2. It is a truly amazing time that we live in. The technology is incredible and yet we are more isolated than ever. Strange.

    I do love that we can keep in touch with our good friends in this way.

  3. I am so glad that he got there as well. Her took some great photos and had a great time. My in-laws were happy to see him and have him stay with them.

    Glad your weather was good. Jacksonville. Did you catch up with Mr. Fab?

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