Total Eclipse of the … Moon PAD #1048

Total Eclipse of the ... Moon PAD #1048

I couldn’t think of anything to photograph so I took some macro shots of one of Eva’s toys. Then I remembered that there was a lunar eclipse and it looked fantastic. Allison and I went outside around 9:50 and there was still a sliver of white moon. The rest had turned to orange. I grabbed my camera and put on the telephoto lens.

I had read a post from Thomas Hawk pointing to tips on shooting the lunar eclipse. I tried quite a few things to get a good shot of the moon. I used a tripod. I have a really cheap sucky one that won’t stay where I tell it to stay. Great. I also used manual mode and I hit the release button and stepped away. Later I used the timer so that there would be no movement from me. I also used the autofocus. I’m reviewing them now to choose today’s best.

I picked one out of a bunch. I think it was the best. I played with all sorts of settings but it was very cold and my hands were starting to freeze up. Here are the ones that didn’t make the cut for PAD.

eclipse_001 eclipse_002 eclipse_003 eclipse_004
eclipse_005 eclipse_006 eclipse_007

You might be aware of my favorite smack-happy folks. That woudl be the online Big G. Well it is time to fight back. And if you have been a victim of RankSpank you should see this video.

That is Ashley, Veronique and Ted from IZEA in the video. How fun does that look? I love it. Great job guys! Now everyone go and get your IZEARanks.

Allison is rocking the Guitar hero thing right now. She is slamming through a ton of songs and will soon fly past me in her Guitar Hero 3 career.

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30 thoughts on “Total Eclipse of the … Moon PAD #1048”

  1. I tried to shoot it, but completely failed. Of course I don’t have the right camera or equipment, or even knowledge on how to go about it, that and it was pretty cloudy out there. At least the wait is only about two years before the next one rolls in.

    That video was cool although for some reason, I had to refresh my page before I could leave a comment, made me think my keyboard had gone wacky! Maybe my comp is just being slow or something today. 🙂

    Chica’s last blog post..What techniques do you use?

  2. Hey Chica,
    I think I got lucky with my shots. I had my tripod cranked up way over my head, I was looking up ant an angle (obviously that moon is way up there 🙂 ) and the tripod sucks. I bought a cheap one at a place around here called Job Lot. It was much better than the 1975 one that I was using but it is not tight. So I would set it then press the shutter and I knew it would fall a bit. This one was one of the first ones I took too. I keep shooting for a wile.

    I’m not sure why the page needed to be reloaded in order to leave a comment, that is odd. I’ll keep an eye out though.

  3. Ilove your lunar pics ,even the ones that didn’t cut it look great to me,I just use a dodgy digicam and unfortunately for me if I have taken a lunar pic it just comes out as a spec.

    ella’s last blog post..Competition 1

  4. Ella,
    Thanks very much. I didn’t try taking any with the point and shoot cameras, maybe I will try that on the moon sometime. But they would certainly be tiny specs.

  5. I tried shooting the moon, too. Unfortunately I suck at getting pictures off my camera, so I don’t really know how they turned out. I even tried shooting through some windows because it was so darn cold out there, and I didn’t use my tripod. I hope I got one or two that aren’t horrible.

    Whatever, it was just neat to see.

  6. Shooting the moon can be tricky. I in no way did the best job at it but I think they came out pretty good. I see that you added me on flickr, I added you back. Looks like your photos are pretty good, what is this about sucking at getting photos?

  7. You got some really great shots of the eclipse. Being on the west coast, we couldn’t really see it not to mention all the clouds overhead.

    Speaking of tripods, I’m in the market for a new one. I have those cheapie plastic ones, but I think it’s time to upgrade so I don’t embarrass myself in front of my photography friends. 🙂

    AVCr8teur’s last blog post..E is for Elvis Impersonators on ABC Wednesday

  8. It was way too cloudy here in Florida to take any photos but we did get to see the eclipse. We waited for the clouds to keep moving (and they did!) so we could enjoy this awesome wonder! I allowed my 9 year old to stay up late to see this. Seeing it through her eyes made it all the better.

    I’ve added your Photo A Day badge to my blog. I enjoy all of your photos.

    Connie’s last blog post..Research

  9. Hi Connie,

    I look forward to seeing so many things through my little Eva’s eyes. That must have been fun for you and your daughter.

    I added you to my Photo-A-Day hosts list. Thanks for adding the badge.

  10. Oh man Travis, how could you miss it. The moon looked incredible. I should have gone out earlier and gotten the transition. I also should have made it closer to my eye so I could accurately see if it was focused.

  11. I know :(. I was spending time with my girlfriend and her roommmate shows up and then leaves to give me and my gf some time along. Then she comes back in the room and says “Hey guys you just missed a lunar eclipse.” I was wicked pissed at her lol. She could have at least asked if we wanted to go see it. Oh well, that’s why we have you to provide pictures for us 😉

  12. She could have texted you or something if she wanted to give you privacy. I would have thought she would have known that you were into astronomy. Oh well, 2 more years to the next one. Glad you like my photos.

  13. It was pretty interesting. I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t ‘exciting’. Having the moon slowly go from white to orange is cool but certainly not something that would be too exciting to watch. I just enjoyed how it finally looked. Wish I had a teleconverter to get even closer.

  14. Your shots of the moon are really good. We watched the eclipse from our deck – the moon was barely visible through a break in the tree line and not quite showing enough for a photo op – but we enjoyed marvelling over the magic of it disappearing!

  15. Thanks Heather,
    We got out a little late, busy playing guitar hero, or else we would have gotten some earlier ones too.

  16. Nice shot of the moon. The best moon shot I’ve taken was Eric Johnson when they were doing the roof at the Cape.

  17. I have a feeling that if I titled this post “Shooting the Moon” I would have gotten way more hits. And yeah that photo is funny, the comment also made me laugh out loud this morning.

  18. Guitar Hero is an addicting game huh? My hallmates and myself included all have weekly tournaments. Have you tried the new Rock Band? Its pretty sweet.

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