Universal Crew… PAD #1051

Universal Crew... PAD #1051

Today was Eva’s first flight. She of course is a kid who travels in style so she was in 1st class. I got a complimentary upgrade from U.S. Scare and passed that along to Allison. What I didn’t do was switch Allison’s seat to an aisle so I got stuck in a middle seat. But I am the Dad, that is what Dad’s do. So even though we did not get to sit together I don’t thing that Allison or Eva noticed too much.

Eva was the hit of the plane. Everyone was commenting on how cute she was and how good she was on the flight. On Allison’s second flight she sat next to a couple of college girls who were coming home from Spring Break or some trip. She had heard them comment that they were lucky not to be next to any kids. Then they realized they were in the wrong seats and had to move to the row with Allison. They ended up being very nice and were talking to Eva and playing with her.

I made it to Orlando safely and caught up with members of the team. We went to lunch at Adobe Gila’s and had some tasty food. The decor inside is pretty interesting. It is bar food and they do a decent job with it. We had fun. Then it was off to the supermarket to pick up some things like water and whatnot.

I unpacked completely. Did some blog stuff and I relaxed a bit before we all headed out to Universal Citywalk for dinner. We had reservations for the Hard Rock Cafe for 8:00pm. We got there around 7:00pm, walked around and ended up going to Margaritaville for a little while before heading to the Hard Rock. Dinner was fun with about 12 people. We had a good waiter and the food was tasty.

After that we went and took photos in front of the spinning Universal globe. And then it was back to the hotel.

I am going to be posting a lot to my The BenSpark Utterz blog because Utterz has been a great way for me to quickly post photos to multiple locations with text and audio. I may even post some video if I get any fun things to video.

Here are some other photos from today.

Adobe Gila's, tasty lunch The girls Margaritaville
Hard Rock Bar Swinging gnome.. Lita Ford's Guitar
The Universal Crew Shot Universal Citywalk

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  1. I have two golf sites, golfblogger.co.uk and golfbargains4u.co.uk and I am looking for constructive feedback/ your opinions from around the globe to enable me to be customer focused & hit the right spot.

    I’d value your feedback, thanks

    Best Regards & Kindest Wishes

  2. Graham,
    I am a kind hearted soul so I kept your comment on this blog. You did plaster the same comment around a bunch of my blogs. If you would like me to do a review of your blogs then please use my PayPerPost Direct button and we can negotiate a review. I’m kind hearted but not stupid. My opinion has value and so do links from my blogs.

  3. I find it difficult whem holding multiple blog down to get traffic away from my main one, to others. I got lucky and have two different genres of blogs, I think that’s why mine is working out.

    I have got to get around to trying out utterz, but is it for only cellphones?

    Hope Fab doesn’t kidnap you while your down there! Watch out! :p

    Chica’s last blog post..PV#4 Texture is your Friend

  4. Utterz is not only for cellphones. You can do a bunch of things right through the utterz site. You can record sounds, video and upload photos as well.

    As far as traffic to blogs I need to do much more on my other 6 blogs they are all of different genres.

  5. I work at Hard Rock!…occasionally. It’s a shame I couldn’t have been out there when you guys ate there..I might have been able to hook you up. Have you been to Universal before?

    My girlfriend and I always talk about how fortunate we are that we live so close to the parks and can get in whenever we want (season passes to Disney and my Universal ID..endless fun). At the same time though, sometimes I wish I could experience the parks for the first time again. It’s not the same when you’ve been there a hundred times.

    Scott’s last blog post..Review – Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock

  6. If I had known we were going there I would have let you know. We are doing dinner Thursday night with Britt, Ashley and maybe Trevor. I’d love to see more IZEA folks for dinner.

    And my family is going to Sea World on Saturday with my friend Mo who has moved here.

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