Uncle Nate & Aunt Sarah.. PAD #1072

Uncle Nate & Aunt Sarah.. PAD #1072

Today we had a visit from Uncle Nate (Eva’s godfather and Allison’s brother) and Aunt Sarah. They came down from New Hampshire to have dinner with us. We hung out played some Guitar Hero and were all entertained by Eva. Since we were all together we fired up the computer and did a webcam session with Mimi and Grandpa Dano. We had to use the cell phones instead of the computer speakers to talk but it all worked out in the end.

Most of the morning I spent with Eva while Allison was at a meeting. We read a nice book, we played and did tubby time. I also put her down for a nap and got my first perfect score on Guitar Hero 3. It was only on Easy (4 buttons messes with my head) but it was cool to get that. I have now finished every song on easy except for Raining Blood by Slayer (pleasant), that song is just to wicked hard. But I beat Lou on the first try and each time after that I have beaten him. We showed Nate and Sarah how to play the game and they told us of a bar near them that does Guitar Hero contests. That sounds like fun, only if they had an easy level bracket. Then I could play. I tried playing on Slow Ride on medium and was spinning. I’ve just got to force myself to do it.

I put together Eva’s jumparoo that Nate and Sarah gave her for Christmas. The straps are on the lowest rungs but Eva and sit in it and bounce around a bit, she loves it. I took a few photos of her in it.

Enjoying the Jumparoo

Happy Jumparoo Time

I also got this photo of Eva in her crib waking up from a nap.

Nap Time

I started my consolidation of my blogs. I no longer post for the blog company PayU2Blog. That is a story for offline.

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6 thoughts on “Uncle Nate & Aunt Sarah.. PAD #1072”

  1. Congrats on the perfect score! I never thought I would move past easy either but now play medium. Not sure I will ever move to expert or even hard level.

    Raesmom’s last blog post..Vacation

  2. Thanks very much, eventually I will have to train my brain for medium and my hands. Right now it is a huge blur.

  3. Jumparooooos are awesome. Noah and Ethan loved those things. (the older two boys had a boring ole swing instead the poor neglected children…)

    I’d get my butt kicked in a guitar hero contest, I suck even on easy mode LOL

    I heard through the internet that you were having some troubles with that blog company this weekend. I totally understand wanting to consolidate and work on your blogs. Makes sense to me.

    Loretta’s last blog post..crazy getting to know you question and answer list

  4. I’m only good at easy. But I will have to start learning medium. Hard and Expert are insane.

    Yeah, I don’t want to say much about PY@B but I did have some trouble.

    The Jumparoo is very, very fun!

  5. Thanks Anna,
    I’d say keep trying. It is a very fun game after playing it for a while. When I try and switch from Easy to medium, I go right back to being all thumbs.

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