Easter Bunny… PAD #1077

I’m going to be leaving soon on a flight back to Boston. While I did get to sleep later with a later flight today was still a pretty much wasted day. I had a nice breakfast this morning at the hotel. I was able to get a little extra sleep and actually slept all night.

But I had to get to the airport. Every other time I have had to go through LAX it has been chaos. The security lines were a mess and it took so long to go through them. So I got here 3 hours early. Today though I got through ticketing and security in about 20 minutes. So I have been in the airport since about 10:30am PST. my flight was scheduled to leave at 1:35pm PST. it has been delayed till 2:00pm PST. I’ll probably touch down around 10:30pm EST.

There have been rumors that there will be big doings at IZEA and everyone from Postiecon has been perched on the edge of their seats for Golden Tickets and Social Spark Beta. Meanwhile I have been out of the loop. Argh!

This lady made many people smile… even me.

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6 thoughts on “Easter Bunny… PAD #1077”

  1. You sound busy busy busy, hope everything went ok with the flights.

    It took me awhile to figure out that the picture was of an older lady. for awhile it looked like a demonic bunny in a hospital gown of sorts! lol

    Chica’s last blog post..Photographing a Fork..

  2. The flight was fine, long and cramped but that is the norm.

    That lady was fast, I never did see her face and I didn’t want to use my camera with a flash so I used the camera phone, And I had no internet access yesterday, thank goodness for utterz.

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