Don’t go down there… PAD #1096

Don't go down there... PAD #1096

One of the definitions of entropy is: Inevitable and steady deterioration of a system or society. What I have seen and shot so far has been the definition that nature tends to favor disorder. This photo makes me think of fear. Would you walk down that alley and find out what is behind the gate? What makes me think of society’s breakdown is how there are places and spaces that are frightening to venture into because of sections of society breaking down. I see evidence of this every single night on TV and I am not just talking about episodes of CSI. The stuff on there is nothing compared to what is really happening out in the world on the nightly news.

Sorry, bit of a rant there. I am not a fan of cities, even small ones like Providence or Stamford, CT. I went to both today and cities always key me up. That alley was just next to the hotel, it is part of the hotel and perfectly safe (not to worry mom and dad). It just looked like it would make a cool photo and it did in my opinion.

Today I drove to Stamford for a demo tomorrow. But before that Allison and I took Eva to the Cardiologist for a check up on her heart murmur. The heard murmur is doing fine. She is a happy and healthy little girl. And she is sitting up all the time now.

Sitting up...

After the appointment we had lunch at Fire & Ice in the Providence Place Mall. It was delicious. I love selecting everything for my meal and having it stir fried. Excellent stuff.

After that I dropped in to the Sharper Image and their downfall was my gain because I picked up a pair of Motorola Wireless Bluetooth headphones and adapter for my iPod. This thing rocks! I am listening to my iPod right now and no wires to speak of, so cool. I can’t wait to take them to the gym.

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10 thoughts on “Don’t go down there… PAD #1096”

  1. Thanks Chica,
    I thought it was interesting but not entropy, but then I thought more about it and backed up and took the shot.

  2. Thanks Mo.
    Yeah, birthday’s in April are awesome. Of course I’m gonna keep staying steps ahead. Glad you liked the photos. The other night with the text messages was so funny.

  3. I agree about the relationship between society breaking down and other types of deterioration. If you examine out nation’s slums, ghettos, or even dilapidated rural communities, you see tremendous breakdowns of healthy society. It’s a huge reason why I appreciate physical restoration and renovation as a step toward a more healthy society. I’m sure there are those who would argue that it needs to happen in reverse… but from experience, I would disagree.

    Eddie Christy’s last blog post..The New… again.

  4. Eddie,
    I agree with you there, by making our homes (and by that I mean not just your physical house or dwelling but your neighborhood and community) better you help make it a healthier place to live.

  5. Thanks Elizabeth,
    I love that photo of Eva as well, she looks so cute and the eyes are certainly popping and brilliantly blue.

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