Grateful… PAD #1097

Grateful... PAD #1097

Today is my 34th birthday. One more year and I am out of the 18-34 demographic. Yikes. While AARP is not knocking down my door yet I am another year older. And what a year it was, our daughter was born in my 33rd year, I was promoted at work, we bought our condo, we celebrated our 2nd anniversary. Things were good in my 33rd year. I look forward to the 34th.

Today also marks the beginning of Year 4 of Photo-A-Day. This little project that was inspired by a great folk singer, Christopher Williams way back in 2005. It has grown and evolved in that time. I am so grateful for people who are hosting the Photos on their blogs, that has grown immensely. This coming year will continue to be one of quality images.

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  1. Happy Birthday, old man! I hope it’s a good one. We’re looking forward to you coming home and us celebrating as a family.

  2. Happy Birthday Drewbie! And congrats on embarking on year #4 of PAD – wow! Have a great one!

  3. Happy Birthday, Drew!!

    33 was a fabulous year for me. In fact, 33 is one of my lucky numbers! But now, I’m over that 18-34 demographic. Two years over this coming August!

    Happy, HAPPY Birthday! 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday! Yeah, I didn’t enjoy leaving that 18-34 demographic. Even though I was in my 30’s, I still felt ‘hip’ to be bunched together with teenagers! 😉

    I don’t know if I’ve mentioned lately how adorable Eva is! I love the photos you share of her. Simply too cute for words.

    Raesmom’s last blog post..No Housework Day

  5. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Biiiirthday dear Drew,
    Happy Birthday to you!

    And Happy Birthday to PAD, WOW, four years! I’m happy to be a host and look forward to many more great photos.

    Elizabeth’s last blog post..Wednesday, not so Wordless

  6. Happy Birthday, Drew. you deserve to have good things happen. Your a great person and a wonderful son, we love you very much and are proud to call you are son. We have also enjoyed a good year with you and Allison blessing us with a beautiful grand daughter, Eva. Again Happy Birthday.

  7. Laura,
    Thanks very much for the birthday wishes. The day was decent. Wasn’t the best birthday day but I had a good night hanging out with my aunt and uncle.

  8. Allison,
    I look forward to getting home to you and our 6 month old. Yikes. That flew. I would have rather been home but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Next year I can get the birthdays right.

  9. Becky,
    Thanks very much, much of the PAD success is the inspiration that I get from amazing photographers who are also my friends. Thanks for the birthday wishes too.

  10. Thanks Chica,
    I have been thinking more about taking my photography offline. I am a bit nervous about it, maybe I will do some offline photography this year. And thanks for the birthday wishes.

    I think it is closer to 34,000.

  11. Lisa,
    Thanks for the birthday wishes, Yeah I have one more year to be marketed to as an 18-34 year old. I wonder what they are gonna try selling me when I hit 35.

  12. Stephen,
    I will again play professional Photographer for SB^3. I can now read it as SB cubed thanks for making that more clear.

  13. Alli,
    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I love your list of repeats, so that is what I have to look forward to.

  14. Jude,
    Thanks. No AARP yet, but I did get a senior discount to Smithsonian Magazine on accident once. 12 issues for $10 was a great deal.

  15. Hi Raesmom,
    I’m glad you are enjoying the Eva pictures. I’ve been working on a project with them that will take another 6 months but I just love photographing this kid, she is so cute. I don’t think I was ever hip to be in the 18-34 demo.

  16. Elizabeth,
    I am very grateful for you to be a PAD host. I am happy to see the photos showing up all over the web and on a quality blog like yours.

    Also, thanks for the birthday song, I appreciate that as well.

  17. Mo,
    Thanks so much. I am really looking forward to this 34th year. I hope to catch up with you again at IZEAFest. (You need to go). We are working on getting there down there in September.

  18. Heather,
    I unfortunately got to spend no time with Allison and Eva. But I am home tomorrow all day. Once I get home. Thanks for the Birthday wishes.

  19. Happy birthday youngster. (I’m 36 myself)
    Long time listener – first time caller.
    Hope you had a good one – now kindly get off my immaculate lawn. Cheers!

  20. Hi, Ben

    How are you?

    I like your “close to the ground; fabric of society” approach to photography! It’s amazing the amount of things people take for granted in one’s everyday life. You obviously, have not! A good urban/suburban/country & etc investigative insight! Well, at last with the newer ones.  *chuckle* I could not help myself looking for more good photos & stories in your blog archives. Also, I do not know why you have a different blog with similar content. I like your Ben Spark blog so I do agree with a consolidation move; at least for Google is not God blog. You know, just a thought.

    Happy Belated birthday to you too!


  21. Hey Canucklehead, I love you handle by the way, it is great. I check out your blog all the time through Entrecard. I will try and keep the lawn clean next time. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  22. Hi Lenny,
    There will be new stuff here each and every day. Come on back I’d love to have you as a reader.
    And thanks for the birthday wishes.

  23. Hi Abas,
    First off, thanks for reading through the archives and checking out my photos. There are 1097 of them stretching back to April 9, 2005.

    The Google is Not God blog is simply my mobile posting blog, it is sort of a feeder blog that takes no additional time for me to maintain it as I do so through my phone. I use a great service called utterz that allows me to post to multiple sites simultaneously.

    Great insight about my photo and photography style, never had it put that way before, very cool.

    Thanks for visiting and I hope you come on back and become a regular reader.

  24. Hey Mr. Fab,
    No worries my friend. I keep meaning to catch your show live each Sunday and the moment it is over I remember it, each and every week. So not to worry about my birthday. I appreciate the comment.

  25. Thanks Olga, I am looking forward to your visit. We’ll get out on the water. And thanks for the birthday wishes. Glad you like the new layout, less busy stuff.

  26. Happy belated birthday!

    I forgot to check your blog yesterday, so I have to post this today. Sorry!

    Hope you had a great birthday! Don’t worry, you still have a while to go before the AARP will knock on your door 😉

  27. Hey Monique, thanks very much for the birthday wishes. I think there is a 100 year old blogger so I have plenty of time ahead. 🙂

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