Soundwave… PAD #1102

Soundwave... PAD #1102

My friend Derek gave me this Transformer. It is called Soundwave. I have one of my own from when I was a kid. The tape deck part is broken on mine. The head of Laserbeak is missing on mine. But mine has the head on Soundwave where Derek’s is missing Soundwave’s head. I plan to take the head off mine and add it to Derek’s Soundwave so hopefully we will have one complete figure.

I would have taken photos of the Entropy happening with my computer files. I’ve been working on a video for IZEA’s Fab Four at IZEAFest and I am looking for all my Wired Kayaker footage from episodes 1-3. I can’t find it, anywhere. I have about 15 copies in 15 places of some photos but no copy anywhere that I can find of the raw files from those episodes. It is so frustrating. The video will be up tonight or tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Soundwave… PAD #1102”

  1. Soundwave has always been my favorite Transformer. I currently have a mini-bust, a ton of PVC action figures, and I have a Soundwave MP3 player. Its a shame yours is in such a state of disrepair, but Lazerbeak looks great.

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  2. I wanted that MP3 player, it looked really awesome. It is ashame that Soundwave is in such a state of disrepair you are correct. I need to take the two and put them together to get a good one, I missed the reissue when it came out and should have gotten it.

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