Ghost Kitty… PAD #1145

Ghost Kitty... PAD #1145

Oliver is soaking up as much of the cool outside air as he can get. The weather turned to hot and muggy overnight. Welcome to New England in the summer.

I finished The Lighting Thief tonight while I was watching Eva. Allison went to knitting. I also completed 45 credits on the Wii Fit. Which takes double that amount of time because you have to cycle through everything to go from game to game. But I did enjoy the games. We have to clear more space in which to play a few of them however. There is some major movement to some of the strength and yoga games. So far I like the balance ones the best.

Well, sounds like Allison is practicing to beat me on Mario Kart Wii. I better go put and end to that… LOL. The two of us are rather competitive at games, just wait till she sees my scores on Wii Fit.

And how could I forget, the awesome Chica of Photo Projectz helped me revamp the theme for Google is Not God. It looks pretty sweet.

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8 thoughts on “Ghost Kitty… PAD #1145”

  1. Wii Fit has been waiting for me since the day I left town, I’ve been slightly anxious to get back home from my vacation just so that I can play. I’m going home tomorrow and I guarantee that before I go home, I’ll be stopping by GameStop to pick up Wii Fit.

    Courtney’s last blog post..Bolder Boulder 08

  2. Nice pic – oliver is cool.. I’m going home tomorrow and I guarantee that before I go home, I’ll be stopping by GameStop to pick up Wii Fit.
    good stay!

  3. Chica,
    Oliver is our little scardey cat. He jumps at his own shadow. I don’t know why he looked so intense in this photo. Maybe because I was invading his space because he certainly wanted that window all to himself.

  4. Courtney,
    Looks like everyone likes to copy you. Look at the spam message I got directly under yours. I hadn’t read yours before I approved it but once I read yours I removed all links to the spammer but kept the comment because it made me think of ‘real vanilla’ and not imitation vanilla.

    The Wii Fit is very fun. I did 45 credits last night. However because of the neuropathy the balls of my feet are feeling it today. I’m going to make sure I wear shoes when I do the running in place ones because you don’t use the balance board for that.

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