Morning at Moon Bay… PAD #1154

Morning at Moon Bay... PAD #1154

This morning I got up early and headed over to Half Moon Bay to take some photos. I made many stops along the coast, walked out to the ocean and took some photos. I played around with the settings again and I think I might have some dust in my lens or my camera again. I only see it on certain shots however so I think it is lens related. I certainly hope so. At least it is easier to clean off my lenses.

I’ll be uploading the good images when I get a chance. I also took my GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr with me on the trip. I love the device and have the software loaded on my computer at home so I was unable to add the GPS information to the images. I will do that when I get a chance.

I’;m staring at a 5 hour trip ahead of me, in coach in a middle seat. Needless to say I am not that thrilled about it. However when I get home my two lovely ladies will be waiting for me and we are going to be spending the weekend on the Cape. We have a big day on Saturday. We are going with Neil and Andrea and the group from to take photos of lighthouses on the Cape. Andrea and I even rented two lenses for two weeks because next weekend we are all going up to Vermont for a Balloon festival. I rented the lenses from I’ll be sure to tell you all about the experience once I’ve used the lenses. I can say that they were delivered quickly. They arrived yesterday, unfortunately I was in San Francisco. And guess where they were shipped from? San Francisco!

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  1. Jennifer,
    It certainly is a fun thing to do on Twitter is to search a map and see the photos that were taken in a specific place. Very fun indeed.

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