Man about a horse… PAD #1174

Man about a horse... PAD #1174

Today was a long day of demos. It was a quick ride down to Chickasha which was probably because of the 75mph speed limit. After the day I headed back up to Oklahoma City for a 30 minute rest and then dinner at Cattlemen’s Steakhouse.

At Cattlemen’s they had a horse drawn wagon that took people from the parking lot to the front door. The funny thing was that the parking lot really wasn’t that far from the front door. A couple of people from our group took the ride and we walked right alongside them. On the way out I asked the cowboy if I could take a picture of him and the horse. He was cool with it so I snapped this one quick and edited it with picnik.

The dinner was Okay, not that great. I did try lamb fries though.

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4 thoughts on “Man about a horse… PAD #1174”

  1. Drew, wonderful picture, great focus efects. Steak and lamb fries? Tara would have something to say about that. Thanks for the comments yesterday, it was a good day for the ride.

  2. Dad,
    Tara probably would have something to say about that. But she doesn’t read this blog. Glad you had a nice ride yesterday, made me really jealous sitting in a demo in a suit seeing photos of blue skies and lighthouses up and down the Cape. But I am glad you were able to take some time to go relax and ride.

  3. gengen,
    Funny thing about horses. When I was a kid my family went to Castle in the Clouds in New Hampshire. The saddle was not on tight enough and so as I rode it started to slip to the side. I hung on terrified and would not let go even when it swung down underneath the horse. (Pony I think) and I never got back on the horse. It is sad really. I shouldn’t be afraid of them ut I always think back to that.

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