Cape Cod? Nope… PAD #1175

Cape Cod? Nope... PAD #1175

Another long day of demos but tonight was topped off with an amazing dinner. We went to Lake Hefner which is 9 miles around and is man made. There is a complete paved bike trail around the whole thing. Looking out across the lake made it look like I was looking at Martha’s Vineyard. The wind was a welcome change but it was still way warmer than the Cape. There were also some kiteboarders on the lake. Apparently it gets really windy there so it is a great place for sailboats and kiteboards.

The restaurant that we went to was called Lakeside Fish Grill. The food there was amazing. We had so many tasty things. There was calamari, popcorn shrimp, blue crab dip, and that was just the appetizers. The wait staff was also excellent, they took reservations and there was a great view as well. And we shared a delicious peanut butter chocolate chip cookie with ice cream.

Afterwards we walked over to an outdoor bar and along a dike there we watched the sun set behind some clouds, this is where I took the shot. Such a nice place, I hope to come back again.

So many people donated to our Relay for Life efforts. I am only $40 away from my goal of $250.00 Allison is $60 away. Tomorrow when I head home I’ll e heading right to the relay and I’ll blog throughout the walk. And later this weekend there will be a post of thanks to everyone who helped support our efforts.

Allison told me that Eva kissed her for the first time today. I missed it. I can’t wait to see her do this. She also told me that Eva is selecting DVDs from the entertainment center. This I am less thrilled to see.

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  1. Wow. I can’t say much else but that. I would love to be out there and enjoying the view. That reminds me that I need to call again about a camping trip to Cheaha again.

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  2. MC,
    It was really a nice place. I would have loved to have had a better night, the sky in Oklahoma is incredible when it is filled with big puffy clouds and the sun radiating off of them.

  3. Beautiful picture, looks and sounds like a great place. Glad you’re home. Dad

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