Falmouth Harbor Paddle… PAD #1185

Falmouth Harbor Paddle... PAD #1185

This morning started with a paddle from Falmouth Heights Beach to Falmouth Harbor. While in the Harbor I saw this mooring and sailboat. I thought they made for a decent photo.

We probably shouldn’t have been up so early because last night we went over to the Mashpee Commons to see Hancock at the Regal Cinemas. A while back I bought a couple of movies from Best Buy and a couple from Circuit City. With each movie there was a movie pass for either, Hancock, Wanted, Hellboy II, The Mummy or The Hulk. Allison and I decided on seeing Hancock. Overall I thought it was a decent movie. There were some inconsistencies with the rules that the movie set up and I think more backstory on the characters would have been better. But overall I enjoyed it. I don’t think it was an amazing blockbuster but rather just a decent movie.

We spend a good deal of time at the beach today. I may have gotten a bit too much sun because I’m a tad pink. I was trying to finish a book that I’ve been reading, Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. Allison is already on the 4th book and I don’t want her revealing anything by asking mythology questions. I was a huge fan of mythology in high school and college. I was one of the only people in my freshman humanities class at Saint A’s who had actually read the Illiad, understood it and enjoyed it before it was assigned in school. Understanding mythology being familiar with those stories certainly helps with the enjoyment of these books but is not required. Also TV, movies and books are always making reference to mythology that a good understanding of myths helps you get many references in those mediums.

The beach was nice. Eva has a fan, one of our neighbors sons is fascinated by her and spent a lot of time playing with her today. They were so cute. I remember when I was around his age and I played with all the little kids on the beach and helped their moms. I used to tell all the kids stories each day at the beach, it was fun. I think that is why I can tell Eva stories and make up silly songs all the time too.

Eva had her new sunglasses on today


and of course she hit the water a couple of times too.

Being a ham...

She was so pooped after her busy beach day that she went right down after we had dinner.

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12 thoughts on “Falmouth Harbor Paddle… PAD #1185”

  1. Shawie,
    It is nice to stay on the water. Wish I was still there. Being home in the humidity stinks.

  2. Olga,
    I’ll give her a nice big hug. Waiting for you to come and grace us with your “presents”.

  3. Hi Drew! That’s such a gorgeous pic of Eva and her mommy! 🙂 Love the sunglasses shot.. so groovy, both of them.

    She’s getting so big and beautiful. Her features are becoming more defined and it seems (to me) she has her mother’s eyes..

    Anyways, I still haven’t brought my lil one to the beach yet. This mommy has a phobia of jellyfish! Even if they’re nowhere in sight! LOL!

    Shemah’s last blog post..A taste of life..

  4. Shemah,
    I can understand a phobia of jellyfish. But they are easy enough to see and are slow moving. I think your little one would really enjoy the beach, it is so worth making a trip. I hope you go.

  5. Hi SueEllen,

    If you’d like to use my photos for reference for a painting please let me know. I’d have no problem with it. Thanks for commenting.

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