Purple Haze… PAD #1189

Purple Haze... PAD #1189

Today Chica put together the latest Photo Projectz. This week’s project is to shoot some flowers and post them in Black and White. I jumped the gun yesterday so today I went slightly different. The flower has a purple hue to it rather than straight black and white. I then took the image over to picnik and added a few other touches. I hope you like it.

Today Eva turned 9 months old. She had her well baby checkup and is doing very well. I took her outside to take a few special photos commemorating her turning 9 months old. She is being extremely fussy this evening and will not sleep. So she has been wailing away most of the night. She is now sitting on the floor playing and happy as anything but starts to lose her mind when we get her anywhere near her bedroom. Eva is also doing very well at pulling herself up to her knees at the table. Here she is being much more accommodating and happy.

I'm 9 months old.

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6 thoughts on “Purple Haze… PAD #1189”

  1. Eva is just so adorable, hopefully she will calm down soon enough and rest peacefully through the night. I don’t envy you one bit, I know how hard that stuff is, but you’ll all get through it.

    Your photo is ace, and I had to fav it on flickr. I really love the purple touch. It’s not often you see purple rather then red paired with B&W’s. 🙂

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  2. Chica,
    She finally went down around 9:30pm. She screamed so loud every time she went near the bedroom. But while she was with us she was perfectly fine. I don’t know I guess maybe she is understanding what bedtime is all about now or something.

    I thought Purple would be a nice subtle color for this one. And using picnik to set the color focus only on the flower itself worked really well overall. Glad you liked it.

  3. Thanks very much Rach, I think that is her color for sure. Or it better be because we have lots of pink clothes for her.

  4. Thanks very much Kim,
    I really hope your friend feels better soon. Thanks for dropping over to my blog too.

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