Fisheye Helmet… PAD #1192

Fisheye Helmet... PAD #1192

We had a really nice day at the Cape. The weather was wonderful all day and we enjoyed the heck out of it. We started our morning out at Spohr Gardens. Allison, Eva and I walked around the gardens and shot a bunch of photos. Last sumer Allison and I walked around the gardens. I wanted a photo that captured the moment where I shot a photo of Allison waiting for Eva. The bench was moved a bit but still in the area.

Allison and Eva

I also shot these photos.

Allison and Eva Allison and Eva Sphor Gardens

We spent a ton of time on the beach as well. It was windy and the waves were big so we had a very fun time playing in the waves with Eva. She loves the water and is a little fish. When she starts swimming on her own she’s gonna be fast.

The weather was great and so we ended up staying way later than we had planned but things turned out great with a wonderful dinner with Mom and Dad. We got Eva in her Harley shirt and she sat with my dad on his motorcycle. I think she’s ready to ride. Someday.

Harley Granddaughter

After that I was sitting with Eva at the picnic table. Dad’s helmet was on the table and I noticed the reflection in it. It captured the whole back of the house plus me, Allison and Eva.

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4 thoughts on “Fisheye Helmet… PAD #1192”

  1. Fantastic picture of the helmet / reflection. Pretty cool looking Grandfather on that Harley with his special granddaughter!

  2. Dad,
    I’m pretty sure that Eva is gonna want to go for a ride when she goes to visit Grandfather and his cool motorcycle. I got a bunch of nice shots of the two of you on the bike. I’ll upload them to the Kodak site.

  3. Your pictures of Eva with Allison and Dad are capturing the relaxed Cape attitude everyone is enjoying. Eva is so photogenic,as is Allsion! Dad took a good picture, too! Your fisheye pic is worthy of an award. That is outstanding!! I’d love a copy of that one to frame. We enjoyed having you all here for part of a weekend. Have a good week.
    Love, Mom

  4. Thanks Mom,
    Relaxed is what we are looking for to get down there. Being at the beach yesterday was wonderful and dinner was excellent. Glad you liked the photos.

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