Fighting for it… PAD #1197

Fighting for it... PAD #1197

Walking around the house I saw this lone flower still in bloom fighting to stay in bloom where all the other flowers were well past their time.

Today was a get things done day. I am traveling next week to Nashville, Tennessee and Seattle Washington. And I am really excited about going there. I haven’t been to Nashville in a while but it will be fun to go back. Wicked fun because I contacted Eddie Christy and we are gonna hang out for dinner on Tuesday night somewhere downtown. If you are a blogger in Nashville or Seattle drop me a note. Who knows, I could meet you too.

Because of the super quick pick up of a trip I needed to make many different arrangements at work. I was pretty busy. I’m responsible for the training of a new person in the group and with the possibility of two weeks away I didn’t want her training to grind to a halt. I mean how bad would that look especially when I’m moving over to the training group. Oh yeah, that second week of travel. Yeah, I may be headed to London for a week and Wednesday is a day off from demos. And London bloggers want to show me around the place? I can’t wait to show you all the photos I’ll be taking in the next few weeks. Oh yeah one more thing, tomorrow I’m going on a 7 mile paddle with a group called the Ten Mile River Watershed Council and Rhode Island Blueways Alliance. I’ll be going on the trip to paddle, make new friends and videotape things for an episode of, The Wired Kayaker, you though that podcast was dead, didn’t you?

If you go to my blog Google is Not God you are going to see a ton of photos from picapp. This is a photo service that you can use to display royalty free images on your blog. I know how many of you are always looking for photos to display on your blogs. Some of us display ones that we took, like Chica, she has a bunch of photos up from photographers that she admires and enjoys. I even made it into the Friday Frinks list. I need to get things together and do my own Friday Frinks some Friday. Not this Friday but some Friday.

SocialSpark just reset all of the props on blogger accounts. What do you think about that decision? Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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10 thoughts on “Fighting for it… PAD #1197”

  1. D.L.Diva,
    Thanks, stubborn flowers are fun. I love different looking things to photograph. Love the different textures and colors of this one.

  2. I luv your photos. I’m trying to get more into photography. My brother’s a professional photo journalist with a degree from RIT in Rochester, NY. I try to get some tips by looking at his photos. Will have to head over to your Google Is Not God blog to check out the info on the photos. Didn’t hear about SP & Props. Will have to check it out. Thanks for the heads-up!

    Cindi-Moomettesgram’s last blog post..Hope The Bride and Groom Sign up For Travel Health Insurance for their Island Honeymoon When Riding Scooters!

  3. Tomi,
    We don’t get much call to go to Bali but I’ll let you know if that ever happens. But anywhere that my camera is needed well that would be a good place to visit.

  4. Cindi,
    I figure if you hadn’t heard about the props debacle then you probably weren’t too worried about losing them. I had quite a few but it is all good, no problem losing them for me at least.
    A photojournalist, very cool. I bet he has some amazing shots. I’d encourage you to start taking photos the more often you do it the more you will see to shoot and the better you will get.

  5. I think Ted will get a lot of support for the loss of props because most people do not have a huge number of props. He will have a handful of bloggers who will be upset because they worked to gain friends and props. That handful of bloggers will be upset but that will be fine because there are only a handful of them and what harm could they do to a large social network like IZEA?

    I am one who did NOT leave comments on profiles or blog profiles to gain props. I am one who sent in a ticket asking the protocol before I decided to run with my personal emails to my friends list only and chat with them helping them if they need it. I was told that there are not rules and we all could “drop back” if we wanted to until our “heart’s content” were the exact words.

    I got the green light and spent hours, days and weeks making friends and helping new bloggers who friended me. SocialSpark set up a system where it was encouraged to make friends and gain props because the “Top Prop” got work! The Advertiser can pick the “top propped” blog to do their posts.

    I think what they did is completely unethical and horrible business.

    I am one who used the “Social” system to make friends and share props as we shared ideas and comments on one another’s blogs.

    I am one who made a SocialSpark blogroll on her blog to promote this Social Network. I am one who helped the bloggers who are just beginning to get their feet wet in the blogging circles, by emailing back and forth helping them to get their ITK installed and blogrolls started.

    I am one who worked to prop ALL of the friends I made. I am one who put in HOURS upon HOURS of work into wha I THOUGHT was this exciting Social Network.

    I am one who worked hard for the props I got so I could get work. I played by their rules and was penalized. I feel very disheartened that this has occured, I am very sad and upset.

    But I’m only one voice.
    I was number one, But I’m ONLY one.

    I will not get all of that work back. I will not get my props back.

    My voice will not be heart by most on SocialSpark. I am just one blogger, who had faith in the system, spent her time building the props, friends and contacts to gain some sort of support and was dropped flat down the list like I’m a nobody who did nothing more than just join.

    But, it’s “not personal” and I’m only one voice. My lost time and efforts are in vain.

    Shelly M.’s last blog post..TED MURPHY’S REPLY TO ME ~ SOCIAL SPARK I’M HURT

  6. Nice picture! 🙂

    It got me thinking, and has pretty much got a song written about it now. 🙂

  7. Shelly,
    Yep, read your post over on your blog. I read that one because of the blogroll that I created for people who use both Social Spark and Entrecard. Called the SocialCasrdsters. I also spent many hours propping people but got nothing in return. I didn’t send anybody messages unless their blog had antrecard as I was trying to set up the entrecard/socialspark blogroll and you have to concentrate on at least one thing at a time or go nuts in my world.

    It is sad that you worked so hard and were basically told you were spamming. I know that you certainly didn’t approach things like the illiterate sub par bloggers out there.

    SocialSpark is new, very very new, still in beta and mistakes will be made. In this situation there really was no fair way to single any one person out. The response you got from Ted was a bit harsh and surprised me. I’ve met Ted, I’ve hung out with him and he is a decent guy. He is also in a tough position because while everyone is “Social” and can be on a first name basis he is still in charge of a company and business and must make the best decision for the overall business.

    That being said, even though you are one voice you must feel that someone is listening to that voice or you wouldn’t continue to blog. I’d tell the world and it looks like you are, I read a lot of blogs. While it may not change anything, it won’t bring the props back, at least those people who propped you in the first place will know about this and maybe see fit to help prop you back up.

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