Indecent Proposal… PAD #1204

Indecent Proposal... PAD #1204

You just know some joker went and proposed with a packet of Border Sauce, you just know it.

Man it was a long day with lots of travel. Will be updating things tomorrow and will be replying to e-mails too.

10 thoughts on “Indecent Proposal… PAD #1204”

  1. If Mike or anyone else ever proposed to me with that, I’d have to say no. I mean, it’s TACO BELL. Not very good, you just eat there when you are hungry, in a hurry, and there’s not much else around.

    Mike proposed to me at a restaurant, the one I worked at, at the time, the Cambridge Brewing Company. On New Year’s Eve of 1996/97 (I don’t remember which year it actually was when he popped the question. much beer was consumed here. Also, I had to work that night making the food the for free NYE buffet).

    But I do remember that there was a band there that night, and they announced the engagement after I said YES. That was cool. 😀

    Christine’s last blog post..Stuph to look forward to?

  2. Ya know Drew, I’d like to marry you, but that certainly wouldn’t work out.. um yeah LOL I’m kidding of course!

    I loved seeing those taco bell packets, haven’t eaten there in a couple years though, maybe I need to pay them a visit. 🙂

  3. Christine,
    No a Taco Bell proposal would be pretty sad. Allison pointed this packet out to me and said if had ever…

    Your proposal story sounds good though. That must have been cool that the band announced it and everything. I can’t believe that you don’t know the year though? Much beer must have been consumed…

  4. Chica,
    You crack me up. I wonder how many responses I’ll get to that packet. It is a funny one. I love the little sayings on the packets they are fun. This one just stood out more than the others.

    I picked up dinner on the way home from the airport. It was quick and easy.

  5. Chica,
    No proposal, there must be a story behind that. I’m not completely knocking the Taco Bell Proposal but, really? I guess a TB proposal over none would be better.

  6. Long story short I was told I was his fiancee after the few months together, shortly after I got knocked up. This being in a introduction of me to a friend of his. hehe

  7. Oh, how… Oh. I have no words. When I proposed Allison told me that if I was holding a bug she’d kick me in the head. Story is on here somewhere.

    BTW I had to fix your links when you posted. They were messed up and missing some characters and had a comma in the address. Strange.

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