Turtle Topple

Turtle Topple
Photo-A-Day #1206

Today I worked on the Wired Kayaker ‘podcast’ with my footage from last Saturday. I made a 15 minute video uploaded it to YouTube and then went to the Zoo. When I came home I found that my video was rejected because of length. Argh. So now I am uploading it to Mevio. Hopefully that will work out better.

I am scrambling to get things together to go on my Trip to London. I’ve stripped my bags down to the essentials and I’ve also taken a few books for Book Crossing so we’ll see if anyone picks them up. The video came out pretty good, I learned a lot about what I should do while traveling with a group on the water. I’ve always had it just me on the water or me and one other person. So that was a learning curve. Also for some reason Adobe Premiere elements chose to mess with me today too and crashed 3 times. Frustrating.

But I worked all morning so that we could go get some sandwiches and take Eva to the Capron Park Zoo. There were some new additions to the zoo and they were these two turtles. I was watching them get closer and closer and I quipped to Allison, “Look, Turtle Chicken!” And the next thing I knew the big turtle went ramming speed and knocked the small turtle right over. I had never seen turtles do that before. So I kept watching and the big guy knocked the small guy back onto his feet. Then he walked away with the small turtle chasing him for a little payback.

Eva seemed to enjoy the Zoo a little more and we carried her around so she could see everything much better. We saw the llamas and Ramses the White Lion. That is the name that won the contest. Cool. I should have taken the Telephoto lens because all my animal photos were not good, except for the turtle game of chicken.

Well, I am leaving in about a half hour so I have to settle up things online and get to the airport for my trip to London. London bloggers leave me a comment, maybe we can meet up on Wednesday.

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2 thoughts on “Turtle Topple”

  1. From the looks of that on the widget, I wouldn’t have guessed what they were doing. But oh my goodness your off and away crossing the pond, I imagine that a long flight! Have fun and be safe. 🙂

  2. Chica,
    I am across the pond. And so far I’ve been all over the place. Took a ride on the Tube a couple of times. Saw the changing of the guard and had some fish and chips. Yep, I’m in London.

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