Has she learned to “share” yet?

Has she learned to "share" yet?
Photo-A-Day #1219

Eva is a big fan of Cheerios these days, she loves picking up the little pieces and eating them. We are on the Cape for the weekend and so are other members of the family like my sister Tara and her dog Taylor. Taylor and Eva spent some time together today. Eva spent much time scooting after Taylor and Taylor likes to lick Eva’s fingers after she eats. Eva almost always puts her fingers on her face before I get a chance to wipe off the food, and I am very clean when I feed her.

We had a very nice day on the beach. Eva went swimming again, she loves the water. She also spent some time playing with her new friend Nolan. Well, they played near each other and Eva took all his toys, sat on him and kept playing. I told him that he better get used to it, that is how they (girls) are. Nolan is a month younger than Eva and so much bigger than her, he’s got a great disposition and is very cute. The grandma’s have already got them set up together for years to come.

Tonight we had a party at the house where Uncle Paulie D. made his famous meatballs and sauce and another dish with sausage, mushrooms, peppers, sauce and onions. I had a heaping plateful of the delicious concoction. It was great. We had most of the neighborhood over for a few hours and everyone had a nice time. Eva was a big hit and Nolan was her as well. And also Eva’s other boyfriend, Mikey. Mikey is our neighbor’s son who looks after Eva on the beach. He is very contentious of things and is so good with her. For example, Eva was sleeping in her sun block tent and the wind started to blow and push the tent down towards her, Mikey kept catching it and holding it up so she could keep sleeping. He’s so good to her.

Well, tomorrow is the Falmouth Road Race. I should have plenty of photos of runners tomorrow. Because if you ever see me running, tackle the guy chasing me.

2 thoughts on “Has she learned to “share” yet?”

  1. I love the hopeful look on Taylor’s face.

    When our daughter was young, she had no problem whatsoever sharing her food. Sharing toys was a whole different thing.

  2. Anna,
    Sharing toys wasn’t happening, in fact she took all of Nolan’s toys and played with them yesterday. I guess that is because we only let her play with her sand pail, shovel and rocks. 🙂

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