Round and Round

Round and Round
Photo-A-Day #1227

Today was the annual company picnic. Actually it was day two of the picnic. The company is so large that we have to split the picnic into two days. So employees can choose to come to the event either Saturday or Sunday. We choose Sunday because Allison had something to do yesterday and because Sunday is also typically the day for families. And since we have Eva this year we were all excited about the family stuff.

We started out the day with 8:15 Mass and there we saw one of my former high school teachers who was with a woman that Allison has made friends with during her volunteering at a local nursing home. She brings Eva with her once a week to visit the people there and bring communion to the people who can’t leave their rooms. They just love seeing Eva. Today we pretty much were the last people to leave Mass. Usually we are one of the first families to leave, because we are off to our next thing to do. Today however we took it easy and I spoke with someone who’s son wants to go to my college and wanted to know if I still knew anyone there. I do and I’ll chat with her son soon. We also spent some time talking with a couple who will be part of the marriage prep class that our church is starting. Allison and I will be facilitating a table of engaged couples. That should be a good time and a nice way to meet some people at the church.

After Mass we packed up the car and headed up to the picnic. We had Eva in a cute little green polo and khaki shorts. She was mistaken for a boy a few times. We went first and got her changed and covered in sunscreen. I ran off and picked up two pieces of Fried Doguh (our company picnic breakfast tradition). We then picked up Eva’s gift. Every kid gets a gift, and every year there is a stuffed animal with the company name. We got that. It was a giraffe this year. We then went to get her picture taken for the Kid Care program. It is an identification packet for parents in case of the unimaginable. Eva is too young for fingerprints. I didn’t know that. She enjoyed having her picture taken (hmm, she must be used to it or something.)

Kid Care

After Kid Care we took Eva on the Carousel, Allison took her first and I took her after. Eva loved it. She had so much fun riding the horse. This was the only ride we could do with her because all the others need the child to go by themself. We did manage to get some nice photos on the Carousel.

Smiling My beautiful girls Hey!
Fun Ride! Hold on Tight Whee!

After the carousel we had round one of food. Clam chowder, little necks, ribs corn and cole slaw. Very good stuff. We also fed Eva at this time and since I didn’t bring a bib with us I grabbed a lobster bib to use.

In a pinch

Then it was time for some more walking around and we went to the petting zoo. Which was pretty much a goat pen this year. In past years there were more animals but I guess goats are best for dealing with the stress of tons of little hands. Eva was very excited to pet the goats, next year she can chase them around too.

Goats Momma! Goats Momma! Goats Momma!

It was then time for a little rest for Eva and some milk. We walked back to the car to get out of the sun. Then when she was done we walked back to the big tent to get our Lobstah! Each year we get two lobsters. Allison eats one Claw of one and I eat the rest. I shell the whole thing and then put it in the butter. When I am all done, then I eat it. So delicious! We also had chicken fingers, chicken wings, Allison had a cheeseburger and we both had some cole slaw and corn. After we finished that we caught up with some of my friends and hung out with them for the rest of the day catching a big bowl of ice cream as well. The day was very, very fun and so much better now that we can take Eva with us. I think she is going to enjoy the heck out of the picnic once she realizes all the fun things she can do there. Oh and we also got a ballerina bobblehead doll with Eva’s picture as the head. So many fun things. Eva was pretty tired when we were done and she went right down for bed, not a peep.

Just relaxing

Still no word on who won the FuelMYBlog/Picapp Blog World Expo Contest.