Death of a Scene

Death of a Scene
Photo-A-Day #1230

Today I was up at 3:30am and headed to the Providence Airport to catch a flight to Cleveland and then to LA to work on filming some “Famous Death Scenes” as part of the Nokia Productions movie which has an overall theme of humanity. The flights went off fine and I was in exit rows for both legs so that worked out great. I did have some ‘special’ screening because my flight was booked so last minute but that was fine too. When I landed I caught a cab and made my way to the Hotel Angeleno.

Once at the hotel I met Colin and Donna from WOM World / Nokia and Nick from Nokia Productions. The team that they had assembled consisted of Heather, Bekah, Arnold, Armer, Sam and Bryan (sort of knew of Bryan through Flickr and followed his photowalks). We talked about our plan of attack for the day and decided to go to Griffith Park to film a few scenes like a scene from Rebel Without a Cause, Of Mice and Men and The Quick and The Dead. Heather brought a suitcase of props with her and that included some ray guns. That is Arnold holding one of the Ray guns.

After filming and shooting we had lunch at In and Out Burger. It was my first time there. Decent place, good food, I’ll have to learn how to order properly like a local though.

We got back to the hotel and started uploading our stuff to so we can collaborate with each others work. I had to run upstairs to upload because my computer was running out of juice. It must have been because I wrote my Eureka review while I was on the plane. I got all of my media uploaded and then went back downstairs to film some Jaws scenes in the swimming pool with a little rubber shark. However we didn’t have enough time to really shoot anything so I ended up just shooting some shark scenes which I am uploading tonight.

We had no time because we were off to the Dave Matthew’s concert at the Staples Center. But first we stopped at the Nokia Live Booth to check out the latest Nokia products like the 5310, which was what I used to shoot many of the scenes today.

Dave Matthews puts on an incredible show. There was a tribute in the music to the saxophone player who died yesterday, LeRoi Moore. That band can jam, and they did on almost every song so each song was at least 15 to 20 minutes long.

Well, I am beat, I am toast, it is time to call into Utterz, upload the photo and head to bed. I’ve now been up for 24 straight hours.

And tomorrow I’m going with Bryan and a few other people on a photowalk. I am not sure everyone who is going so I won’t drop any more names but we are going to Santa Monica to do our shooting.

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