Up River

Up River
Photo-A-Day #1233

Today I went on the Ten Mile River with Keith Gonsalves. Keith was the guy who organized the Roger Williams Paddle back in July. It looks like that will be an annual event, and I am really looking forward to doing it again. Today we put in from the same spot, Freedom Green Park in East Providence. But instead of going down river to Omega Pond we went up river to Hunt’s Mill and the waterfall there.

This part of the Ten Mile River had some challenges. We had to go over some fallen trees and under some others. It was all very fun and we were also joined by Bill of RICKA. Keith’s organization is the Ten Mile River Watershed Council. We had a really nice morning. It took us about an hour to paddle from the put in to the waterfall. We then got out of the kayaks and walked around and up to the waterfall. Then we crossed over the top of the waterfall (look for the upcoming Wired Kayaker Podcast to see that). We walked around the old Mill, Hunt’s Mill.

Then we crossed back across the river. We walked straight across over the rocks as the water ran by us. The water wasn’t that deep, occasionally slipping past our ankles. Keith dubbed me “Office Boy” because I have a slightly cushy job and can e-mail him back quickly. He’s gonna make a real kayaker out of me too. I did stop halfway across to shoot this photo for the day’s shot. I couldn’t pass it up. I wish I had a tripod and DSLR so I could get some nice soft water but if that were the case I would have slipped and fallen with my equipment.

After the paddle I came home and watched Eva for the day as Allison had an event to go to. We went to Capron Park Zoo. I took a bunch of photos and will post them eventually. I’m saving them for a Read To Me, Dad post. So there are a few things to be on the lookout for, The Wired Kayaker podcast form today and some shots from the zoo.