In the House of Mouse

In the House of Mouse
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Today I went to Disney with Allison and Eva and our great friend Maureen. Mo has gone above and beyond the status of good friend to that of a great one. She gave up her own time to take care of Eva for 3 straight days and then went to Disney with us and helped us out on Eva’s first trip to the House of Mouse.

We had so much fun and Eva was an absolute trooper. She took a 45 minute power nap and went straight out till 9:00pm. I feel bad that her sleep schedule has been pretty off this weekend but she has weathered it very well. Eva has now been to Disney despite my proclamation that my children weren’t going to go till they were 5 because there would be nothing there for them till they were old enough to understand.

Boy was I wrong. Eva loved the place. She was rapt with attention on such rides as Pirates of the Caribbean, It’s A Small World (2nd time around, she slept through it the 1st time) and also at shows like Monsters Inc, Country Bear Jamboree, Mickey’s Philharmagic and The Enchanted Tiki Room. She took everything in. Eva even met Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Marry Poppins and Jiminy Cricket. We waited in line for Winnie the Pooh but it was at the time when Eva needed to eat dinner. So we went to dinner instead.

I am so glad that Mo was with us, that certainly made the day better all around. After 3 days of parties, conferences and mayhem, well Allison and I were a bit tired. Having Mo with us to keep us on the track of having a good time and enjoying every moment with Eva was what made the whole day very special for us. I have a few photos that I posted to Florida September 2008 set on Flickr. I have a ton of photos that need descriptions and tags, getting to that asap.

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  1. oh my, you all are very brave. lol we just went to disneyLAND over the summer and it was terrible. i dislike amusement parks and it was super crowded. i’m looking at the photo above and am surprised how little people there were. you could barely walk around disneyland w/o bumping into someone.

    anyways, i don’t know what it is about parents taking their kids to disney b4 they really know what is going on. my mom took me at age 2, my parents and i took my son at age 2, my husband went at age 1 or 2. i wouldn’t mind if i never went back. hehehe

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  2. Thank you, Drewbie!! It was seriously one of the best weekends of my life! I had so much fun with all of you. I’m really grateful that you allowed me to tag along on such a special experience with Eva. I’m also really grateful that you didn’t ditch me for acting like I was 6 in Mickey’s House:) I’ve posted pictures on Flickr and even though I should have gone to bed I was having too much fun reminiscing. Here is the link to the photo set.

    Be well and enjoy the rest of your vacation!

    Mos last blog post..Bob on TV!!

  3. Ciara,
    We had a really nice time overall, even though we were incredibly overtired from the past few days of no sleep and blogging madness. But to see the look on our daughter’s face was just priceless beyond measure.

  4. Mo,
    I couldn’t have imagined the day without you. You kept us both going and enjoying everything around us rather than the heat, the crowds, and everything else. It was a great time.

    We stayed up last night and read all the captions and had a great laugh, your wit combined with the images was perfect. Thanks so much for the memories of a great weekend.

  5. kids are definitely what it’s all’s why i do things that i don’t like or normally do lol my kids that i still have at home are older 13, 11, 9 and are all about the roller coasters. LOL

    i’m glad your daughter enjoyed it. my parents have photos that i’m not in because i ran off. i was scared of the disney characters walking around. LOL

    ciaras last blog post..The Things That I Find To Amuse Myself With

  6. Ciara,
    Sadly people mob the characters so they just can’t walk around anymore. There certainly are too many people there at one time. Eva loved meeting Mickey Mouse and it was so much fun. We put her down and she almost scooted after Mickey and cut other people. So funny.

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