PayPerPost has innovated again!

Yes, PayPerPost, the one and only blogger marketing company, in my opinion, has done it again. This time PayPerPost has upgraded their website with some great new features. And one of those features is the PPP Direct feature. This allows advertisers to negotiate directly with bloggers to write paid posts. I have a new button on my blog over on the left hand Sidebar.Here it is as well.

PPP Direct

You can click that button and I write write a post for you. My asking price is $20.00 per post. I can set whatever price I would like in order to generate direct income from any advertiser who would like me to post for them. Together with the advertiser we can negotiate a price. Maybe the advertiser wants me to include video or even make a video. Then we would negotiate the price to reflect that additional work.

Advertisers can click the new PPP Direct button and generate an opportunity directly. They can access their existing PayPerPost account or they can use a credit card to generate this direct opportunity. Once the advertiser generates the opportunity I would get an e-mail that tells me that I have a direct Opportunity available. I would sign into PayPerPost and read about the opportunity. I could then choose to write the post, negotiate for a different price, refuse the post or even bench the advertiser.

Benching has been added to the list of PayPerPost features. Banning has been upgraded. Both of these features allow for greater contact and feedback from advertisers to blogger and from bloggers to advertisers. Suppose I was an advertiser and I wanted to make sure that my opportunity gets spread around a bit. I don’t want the same bloggers to take every opportunity that I put up. I want to spread the message around. So what I would do is bench the bloggers for a period of 30, 60 or 90 days. That would prevent them from taking any of my opps for a while and thus allowing other bloggers to get my message out there with their blog ads. Banning permanently keeps a blogger from posting for an advertiser. But benching and banning can be used by bloggers too. Suppose that I am a blogger and I want to take a certain opportunity but the description says that I should not take the opp if I have taken one of that advertisers opps in the past 30 days. I could bench that advertiser so that I don’t see the opps until the 30 days is up. I can also leave a comment as to why I am benching an advertiser. I may also choose to ban an advertiser because I never want to take any of their opportunities. I could ban then and give a reason for the ban. I like that I now can see why I received any bans or why I may have been benched. Communication is a good thing.

Another good thing is the fact that PayPerPost charges advertisers much less money to use PPP Direct than other blog review platforms like Review Me. You can read about the great new features of this latest release, nicknamed Birdo on the PayPerPost Blog.

Before you do that I would also like to point out that I am excited about this new program because it will allow me greater opportunity to earn more money from direct sales of my blog ads. My blog has gotten a pretty decent following as of late and I am reaching out to a much wider audience. Being contacted directly by advertisers is a welcome addition to the already brilliant features from PayPerPost. And this program is great for advertisers because they can spend less money to get some high quality posts. You see, PayPerPost is not like their competitors. PayPerPost charges well below what the competition charges. For example Review Me may charge the advertiser up to %100 of the cost for the review. That means that a $100 review on a blog will cost the advertiser $200, $100 for the blogger and $100 for Review Me. I like making money as much as the next guy but if a company thinks that they can make 100% profit on my hard work they are crazy. PayPerPost does make money from this new program but it is much less than the competition and is used for paying credit card fees as well as PayPal fees. It takes money to run this program and PayPerPost should make something off of this transaction because they are providing the means to have a secure transaction in the first place. So when you are thinking of advertising with PayPerPost’s PPP Direct remember that PPP Direct only charges a 10% service fee, and nearly 5% of that is PayPal and Credit Card Fees.

As an advertiser this is a great way to know the target audience for your message. By using PPP Direct you control which blogs will place your blog ads and which ones will not. You can also negotiate price and build a relationship with the bloggers that you work with through PayPerPost direct. this is a Win-Win situation for all parties involved. If this is something that you would like to pursue with me as your blogger than please, click the PPP direct button on my sidebar.

This post was my first PPP Direct Post, It was sponsored by PayPerPost. Read my disclosure policy. You can make money with your blog too, click on the referral button.