Pet of the Week: Crystal

I can be Adopted at the North Attleboro Animal Shelter.

“CRYSTAL”-Neutered Male-Angora-Seal Point Himalayan- Born 3/98- “I was brought to the shelter after my best friend passed away. It has been a big adjustment for me, but, I am settling in pretty fast already. I’m not all that worried about finding a new home-with my awesome looks, and beautiful coat, who can resist me? And, I have the personality to go with the looks!!! I get along great with other cats (it would be nice if I could be placed with one of my friends), and I even like dogs. I’m more used to the small size dogs though. Maybe a laid back big dog would be ok. I also like kids, and I’m pretty out-going. My real dream home though, is with a nice older couple, who can spend their retirement with me. We can be good for each other. I’m used to traveling too, so-how about someone who likes to see the country? Anyway, come along, visit, spend some time, and get to know me, and maybe Rhiannon or Meeshi too! Or, give in to us, and take all three!! We really aren’t a lot of trouble!” Love, handsome and knows it Crystal

10 thoughts on “Pet of the Week: Crystal”

  1. I am a cat lover, and how I wish Crystal is here in the Philippines, because I would really love to adopt her. She looks so cuddly and I love her color! Awww… hope I can have a cat like her!

    JennWasHere’s last blog post..Cry For Help???

  2. Hi Jenn,
    Crystal is a boy if you can believe it with that name. It is funny I always assume dogs are boys and cats are girls. Weird. I’m sure you would be a good owner for Crystal.

  3. Chris,
    I have to laugh because you do the same thing I do you feminize cats. Crystal is a boy. LOL. But I do agree with the sentiment, I hope he gets a home.

  4. we used to have a cat who was very very well trained

    she would go the washroom and won’t loiter everything here and there

    she was soo well mannered

    she died..

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