Photo-A-Day #131 08/17/05

So when I can’t figure out what you want to take for Photo-A-Day I take the camera outside and attempt to take many pictures and see what I get. This is a close up of a sea urchin that is on the steps of our sunporch.

Here are the pictures that didn’t make the cut.

What I tried first. I liked how the moon looked by the steeples of the church but couldn’t get the angle right.

Next I tried the sea urchins and sand dollars but didn’t like this one.

I didn’t like how the flash looked on this one. Too washed out.

The sky looked ominous.

I took this one out the window in our living room. Then I dropped the camera onto the roof.

While I was out there I took this picture of the driveway at night.

Daisy was growling at me while I was on the roof. So I took her picture too, it looks a little like I took this with night vision.