Photo-A-Day #179 10/04/05

Guess what we did tonight. Yep, we saw the finished product, Serenity. Back in May we saw a sneak preview of the movie in Boston and it was fantastic then. Tonight it was a great ride back through the ‘verse. Joss Whedon is truly the master now, Lucas take notes. Anyway, this is Allison and Joanne, they both heartily approve of Serenity. You can visit Joanne on her blog Auntie Jo-Jo (She’s listed under blogs of note on the sidebar) and of course Allison is part of this blog because she is my wonderful fiance. Also in attendance tonight were Neil and Andrea and Jenn. We all enjoyed the movie very much and a few of us became Regal Crown Club. It’s a good deal and it is free. Tonight was free popcorn night for Regal Crown Club. Couple that with the discount passes from the Entertainment Book and it made for a very nice and fairly inexpensive evening.

Also of note is the Serenity Novelization of the movie. This was done by Keith R.A. DeCandido. Jenn was at a Browncoats event and met the author and she got our copy signed. Thanks Jenn and thanks for the goodie bag you brought us from the show. It has a “Joss Whedon is my Master” bookmark and a couple of posters in it, good deal, Shiny!