Photo-A-Day #237 12/01/05

The collective IQ of a group of passengers on an airplane is so incredibly low. What turns air travelers into bumbling idiots. I know that if I cannot speak the native language of the place where my flight is originating from I can still find my way to my seat. Why? Because… I have a pittance of common sense. When you get tickets to an airplane flight, that ticket has a seat number. Now If I cannot read the numbers and letters of that country in which I am flying I am still not out of luck. I can look at my ticket…. And see my seat number…. And then look at the aisles…. And the little pictures and numbers and letters of the aisle and make sure that they MATCH!!!!

Now I am sitting in Chicago O’Hare. My flight to Providence has been delayed for an hour. If also showed that the gate had changed and now the gate shows gate 0. There is no gate 0, I know this, Chicago O’Hare has practically become a distant second home over the past 4 years. So I wait at the gate where the flight is supposed to be until I see that the gate has changed to an actual gate, I go to that gate and wait, up near the ticket counter. Why, because stupid people amuse me. A line forms and person after person asks if this is the gate for Providence. Granted that the monitors behind the counter have nothing on them that indicates providence (The lack of information at ticket counters is ridiculous) but the guy in front of you asked the SAME question. Open your ears and shut your mouth.

So I took this picture of this poor woman who has to answer each of these questions with a smile. The amount of patience one must have to work at an airport is staggering. We did have a welcome distraction as one of the workers of the airport took the microphone and sang a Christmas Carol for the passengers awaiting their delayed flight. I got some of him on video. I’ll post it tomorrow. Now it is off to bed.