Photo-A-Day #256 12/20/05

Probably the earliest photo-a-day taken by me. This is the concession stand at the North Attleboro Showcase Cinemas. Taken at 12:05am this morning. Allison and I went with Uncle Jim to see King Kong at 9:00 (3 hour movie plus take Jim home after = longer night or rather short night if you look at it from a sleep perspective.)

Kong was visually a stunning movie. Peter Jackson is amazing at the grand set designs and incredible scenery. The cast was great and Naomi Watts was fantastic. The detail on Kong was also incredible.

There were many things that were far fetched (not that a 25 foot gorrilla is believeable by any stretch) but the movie ovrall was very entertaining and suspenseful and scary at times too.

(Photo taken with Treo 650 cameraphone, for the heck of it.)