Photo-A-Day #258 12/22/05

Taylor meets Duncan, Duncan meets Taylor. I don’t know who was more scared. Probably Taylor. Duncan just relazed and ignored Taylor after a little while. Taylor has been staying with my parents for the past week or so. And Taylor sits outside of the door that separates our apartment from the main house. She has come in the past few days. And the cats and Taylor are begining to get used to each other, kinda. Oliver growls at Taylor, it is this tiny little growl, its kinda cute.

A friend of mine from my childhood recently got in touch with me on myspace. Her name is Autumn. She used to live two houses down from me and we spent lots of time together as kids. She found me and put me back in touch with another of my childhood friends. Cool.

Autumn’s sister Kim has a website for pet gifts and if you live in North Carolina she also runs singles events for single pet owners and DINKY Ps (Double Income No Kids with Pets) events. Check out her site at And speaking of Pet Sites, my sister Tara still has her pet treat site at