Photo-A-Day #263 12/27/05

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Today Allison and I took the day off, just another day was needed after the holiday to relax and decompress. So we hung out took care of the Christmas Cards and sending out the Wedding Announcements. So we hung around played with the cats and had Taylor in for a while. We watched Elf and it was actually fairly funny. There were come great parts and some typical Ferrell humor (Which I am not the biggest fan). But it was good overall. Tonight we went to Target and I picked up Smallville seasons 3 and 4 because they were on a half off sale. And apparently I can get a $30 rebate by mail because I bought all four seasons in the past year. It is a pretty sweet deal.

Allison is pictured holding Oliver. She is wearing her new Drive Back Roads shirt that I got her for Christmas. We are going to see Christopher on Friday with Tara at Club Passim.