Photo-A-Day #285 01/18/06

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Sorry the picture is lame. The movie theater looked alot better than what this picture showed. And it was huge! Plus I only had the camera phone on me.

I saw the movie Casanova today. Pretty good. Nice diversion. Saw a preview that made me tear up. A Disney movie called 8below. This is based on a true story about sled dogs in Antarctica. They were left at camp and the story is about their tale of survival. The trailer made me practically bawl. I am either overtired or very softhearted when it comes to animals. Probably the latter. I am looking forward to seeing this movie. Like Old Yeller, 8below looks to tug at the heartstrings and may become one of those “acceptable” movies for men to cry. Because if you didn’t cry at the end of Old Yeller your heart may be made of stone.