Photo-A-Day #310 02/12/06

Allison and Oliver sleep peacefully during the weekend Nor’easter. The local news loves it when we have major snow. They stay up for hours telling you that it is snowing out.

Today Allison and I were quite domestic. We roasted a chicken that we prepared yesterday. The recipe comes from the Everything One Pot Cookbook. It was called Sticky Fingers Chicken and man was it good. The recipe calls for roasting it for 5 hours at 250 degrees. Basting every 1/2 hour. When the bird was done at 1:30 I cut it apart for our lunch and then we began phase two.

We are now making chicken stock for a chicken soup. We took the rest of the bird and divided it into two pots because we do not have a stock pot. So we are using two 5 quart pots on the stove. Using a modified version of Alton Brown’s Chicken Stock Recipe we also cooked up a bunch of wing tips that we have had on ice for the past year, they were vacuum sealed in our food saver from when I last made chicken wings. Those were cooked up and divided between the two pots also. So we have had some great smells in the apartment all day long.

Also I mentioned that yesterday we bought a few things at the home show with Neil and Andrea. We picked up the Mr. Sticky Roller which was actually a set of three. One telescoping roller, one hand roller and one travel roller. I took the travel roller so that I could be cat hair free on the road. It is a pretty neat product. Allison did all the blinds with the medium Sticky and got tons of cat hair off of them.

We also bought a micro fiber mop that is like a Swiffer but you don’t throw the pads away you can reuse them after washing them in the washing machine. I also like this product. We actually got the deluxe model with 3 pads, 2 eyeglass cleaning cloths, two micro fiber towels and a gizmo and pad to clean the ceiling fans. Between the use of both products last night and today we’ve been able to pick up tons of cat hair that our regular cleaning has missed. So we are happy with the purchases..