Photo-A-Day #34 05/12/05

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As I was making my way back from the Smoky Hill Bison Co. I saw this device in a field, it looked pretty interesting. I think it is either for irrigation or maybe for fertilizing or spreading seeds. I honestly do not know what this does but it looked interesting and I can only speculate at the use.

Updated 01/02/06: E-mailed to me by a Kansas native.
“Its an irrigator. The other end of it is hooked to a high pressure well.

When the pressure is turned on, it causes the whole device to move one way or another. Some are allowed to go in circiles, some have a set area.

There is a post at either end of its range. It will hit the post, stay for a few minutes, then reverse direction.

They normally don’t move very fast…rarely over 1mph.”