Photo-A-Day #366 04/09/06

The first photo of my 32nd year. 2nd year of Photo-A-Day and 32nd year of life. Yep, I turned 32 today. Spent the day taking my uncle down to the Cape to see my grandparents and then back to have dinner at Fortune House with Mom & Dad, Tara, Shelby, Uncle Jim and of course my lovely wife, Allison. The folks at Fortune House brought us a scoop each of mango ice cream and mine had a cherry and a candle on it. They then sang Happy Birthday to me in English and then Chinese. Then we came home and had Oreo cookie ice cream pie. Another day older than I was when I had been 31.

While I was at the Cape I went over to check out the house and then walked along the beach to take picutres and as I passed the little pond I saw this boat. I liked it so I took it for today’s picture. Here’s a bonus Picture