Photo-A-Day #407 05/20/06

I went to school long ago. Old School.

Does anyone remember this? This was R.O.B. (The Robotic Operating Buddy). With R.O.B. you could play Gyromite and Stack Up. R.O.B. is a little dusty from little use in the past 17 or so years.

I began moving some of my stuff from the basement up to the “future” office. My sister Tara began moving some of her stuff out of her room in the house and my sister Shelby will be moving her stuff from her old bedroom. And sooner or later Allison and I will be doing some remodeling of the second floor.

I moved a few boxes of Transformers and I moved my box of old Nintendo stuff. Including all of the issues of Nintendo Power magazine (actually I don’t have all the issues just the first ones from way back when, the magazine is still being published.) I’m pretty sure I have all the way back to issue ..1. My first Nintendo had serial ..000001 on it. I kid you not. Unfortunately it ended up dying and I sent it back to get fixed and get a new one. I didn’t know about things like low serial numbers and whatnot at that time.

I picked R.O.B. today because back in the day I was a huge Nintendo fan. I had about 50 games (Actually I still have all of them) and finished every one of them. I was playing X-Box 360 last night with my friend Ryan and man I just can’t play console games anymore. I’m going to have to get back into practice before I have kids because I don’t want to be that adult who can’t figure out simple maneuvers on the game. That would just be lame.

Last night Allison and I went to our friends Amy and Ryan’s house. Alison and Amy went out to dinner and I brought pizza so Ryan and I could watch a movie. We watched Lord of War. A very interesting movie. It was funny in parts, it was sad in parts, it was downright horrifying at other parts. I do like watching Nick Cage work though. I think he’s a very good actor. We just got the Wide Screen edition of National Treasure from the Disney Movie Club the other day. Looking forward to watching that again.

Also we stayed over at Amy and Ryan’s and had a very nice breakfast this morning. Amy made biscuits and gravy. Very tasty. I could have gone for about 10 of them but I was good and had 2 biscuits and a little gravy.

Amy and Ryan have an adorable little boy. He is almost 2 and is beginning to learn to say people’s names. I guess that my name was the first one outside of his parent’s that he was able to say. He said it as Allison and I were walking up to the house. He pointed and said “Drew”. Gotta love kids.