Photo-A-Day #410 05/23/06

I should be going to bed but I’ll have to get back up in 2 hours anyway. So I’m going to stay up. Last night I got no sleep because I found two little bugs in my bed (one was on my sheets and the other on the mattress). Oh man I thought that they were bedbugs, real honest to goodness bedbugs, but what I came to find out after some research that these tiny little bugs were not bed bugs. I probably can’t find out what they really were but they skeeved me out so bad that I called the front desk for them to change my room. They moved me to the room next door. The night guy said that they would give me a break on the room but I just got the bill and no changes were made. I’ll be writing a letter. Usually I can get more done with a simple, sternly worded, but nice, letter. But I unfortunately woke up every hour on the hour till I left for the demo. I had checked the bed and the bugs were never on me but I couldn’t shake the feeling that they were. I was thinking about soaking in the whirlpool tub but I noticed a couple of little black flecks and upon closer inspection they were actually two of the same bugs from last night. That is going with the letter too.

Enough about that, Yellowstone was awesome, I mean really I was in awe of what I was seeing. There were buffalo, elk; I even saw a bald eagle and a groundhog. The fact that these animals were so close was also inspiring. I would have really liked to have seen a bear or a wolf but they would most likely have required me to get a high powered set of binoculars or at least a telephoto lens. The landscape had so many different variations. There were mountains, Waterfalls, Forests, Rivers, and then there was this huge Canyon and the Hot Springs. Yellowstone has a very unique landscape. I didn’t even get to see any of the geysers because I ran out of time. As it stood I got out of the park just as the sun was setting.

Today’s photo is of a herd of Buffalo in the Yellowstone National Park. They were making their way from the river to the other side of the road during sunset. I was able to get about 300 yards away. It was amazing.

As I drove through Yellowstone National Park I made a couple more recordings.





I am now back at the hotel and it is 2:00am mountain time. I have 249 pictures to go through. I am getting them set up to post into their own folders on Kodak. I edited the Grand Teton ones earlier today and they will be in their own folder.

Grand Teton Pictures

Yellowstone Pictures

Photo-A-Day didn’t go up on time today but that is okay since I posted over 100 pictures between today and yesterday’s trips..