Photo-A-Day #415 05/28/06

“Whale Come to Cape Cod” is the title of this art piece. “Whale Come to Cape Cod” is part of The Whale Trail art exhibit that is being shown all over Cape Cod this summer. There are 50 whales out at various locations all over the Cape that visitors can search for on The Whale Trail. Some whales are in pods. The pods are named for towns on the Cape. Since we are in Falmouth we saw “Whale Come to Cape Cod” which is whale ..1 of the Falmouth Pod. Some whales are not in pods either just like in nature. Male whales sometimes travel alone. The Whale Trail’s website has maps of where to find all 50 whales but the exhibit also includes a mystery whale that is not on any map. If you find the mystery whale and have your picture taken with it you can submit the picture to the The Whale Trail website to be entered into a mystery drawing.

My Uncle sent me the link to The Whale Trail yesterday and today when Allison and I went out for short rollerblading excursion we saw “Whale Come to Cape Cod” out in front of the flying bridge. And since Allison knows me so well, she knew that it would be photo-a-day. And why not, it is a great art project and a neat way to see places all over the cape as well as to learn about whales. I may keep a separate gallery for the whales we find on the trail.