Photo-A-Day #440 06/22/06

Here is Oliver; he has found refuge from the heat by lying among Allison’s bags and stuffed animals. His latest perch has been on the plastic bin tower that we have in the bedroom because of the lack of space. Hopefully we will get that taken care of in the next few months.

So today I found out that this blog is a favorite blog of Eddie Christy runs and he is also a featured blogger for Metro Blogging Nashville. Eddie faithfully reads daily and comments almost daily on this blog. He leaves Kudos on almost every post. Sometimes he’s so quick I haven’t even gotten a chance to make any last minute edits before he’s posted a message. That is so great! Check out Eddie’s music and blogging skills on MySpace as well as at and Eddie you should grab the Photo-A-Day display box code to add to, it can be found here.

Tomorrow Allison and I head down to PA for a fun weekend to stay with Elise and Charles and visit with a few more of Allison’s friends. I found out today that I’m going to need to take an extra vacation day for this trip. You see the fates decreed that the planets would align and I would be in PA around Harrisburg at the same time when I had a demo there. So we would drive down to PA, spend the weekend and part of Monday with Elise and Charles then Allison would drop me at the airport to pick up a car so I could go to my hotel room for Monday night. Then on Tuesday Allison would drive home, I would do my demo and catch a flight to Kalamazoo MI (Yep I’m actually going to Kalamazoo… jealous?) do a demo in Kalamazoo on Wednesday and fly home. But the Harrisburg demo cancelled so we’ll be imposing on Elise and Charles’ hospitality one more night and get another day down in PA. But now I have to get to the Harrisburg airport early to try and get on standby for some earlier flights. Changing my flights this close to the demo date would have been too much money. So I may get to know the Harrisburg Airport really well or I may have more time in Kalamazoo. That is my life on the road.

Speaking of life on the road or rather what takes us places along the road… our cars. A double whammy is hitting us in the next few weeks. First whammy is Allison’s car, we dropped it off for service so it would be ready for our trip this weekend and we got the added bonus of having to by some rear brakes, they were worn down to 10%, not 10% worn but 10% left. Yeah, lets take care of that. Why are we not taking my car to PA, it gets at least 2 miles more a gallon? That would be whammy #2, Air conditioner in my car is busted and I need to get it repaired. Found out that it’s going to cost money to find out what needs to be repaired before I pay additional money to actually have it repaired. They have to determine if it is leaking. I told them, yes it is leaking, can I have the $225.00 it is going to cost to determine that applied to the cost it will be to repair it? Let’s just put it this way. Service departments have no sense of humor.

Okay I’ve told you that I’ve been working with Blue Cross Blue shield with their program called Fit Blue. Well I’ve added an online tool to my (going very slowly) slim down. That would be the USDA’s site called My with it the new food pyramid can be personalized to my weight as well as my weight loss. I set it up today, it is a pretty fun site.