Photo-A-Day #458 07/10/06

So many weird things today.

Buzznet has crapped out on all pictures for the time being. Fun.

I nearly get scammed at my front door. Story Below.

I get grossed out at the doctor’s office. Story Below.

First the Scam.

Buyer beware. I was almost scammed by a couple of girls selling magazines at the front door. How, they were hustlers with a good pitch.

Here is what happened. I was working at home and heard a ring of the bell at the front door. I go down stairs to find two college age girls who are going door to door to collect “points” to get scholarships for their education. Their task was to meet the most people today and today was some national friendship day. A day to meet many people in a non-violent and productive manner. These girls talked so fast they made my head spin. The main one who did the talking would rapid fire speak, ask questions and be funny and charming. The other one was quiet and would sit there and smile.

As it turned out the girls were really just pushing magazine subscriptions and that is how they would get their ‘points’. As we talked I was told that I could pick a magazine and send the subscription to a hospital. I picked a magazine with low points and she keeps talking. She says, “Great because it is going to a hospital I get even more points.” Then she’s filling out this slip shes talking super fast. She presents me with the slip and it is for $60.50 and I can pay cash check or charge. But they can’t take credit cards because there were problems in past years with someone who did that.

I told them I had no cash but what was the cheapest magazine I could buy to help them (mind you I am still naive to what is going on but wising up soon and being a nice person it is hard to slam the door on someone. But after reading the site below I know why I should have.) She tells me it is $40.00. No thanks. I’m not giving them a check, I get suspicios and tell them I cannot help them. Then they turn.

Chatty one tells me that she now has to pay for the magazines I ordered She kept my slip and left in a huff.

Then then went to my parent’s part of the house to ask my mother if they had come there too. My mom told them immediately to go away she wasn’t interested. So the moral is listen to your mother. (It’s a theme today get used to it.)

I still felt uneasy about the whole incident and called the police. I haven’t seen them on the street yet.

I did a search on magazine door to door scams and this is what I found, it is a much bigger problem than I though.

Traveling Sales Crews Home Page A National Tragedy

Now the Gross out.

The photo today is of a real class act.

Class act. I’m in the waiting room of the Doctor’s office listening to this guy spitting into his ‘dip cup’. I mean… what absolute class! The guy is here with a wrapped up hand waiting to see the doctor to get some pain medication. It looks like the tough guy may have gotten that wrapped hand from some fisticuffs. Like I said, class act.

At the doctor’s office my doctor let me know that I’ve got fluid behind my eardrums, pretty gross, so that and the dip man had me completely grossed out. My coughing fits are sinus related and the doctor gave me a couple of prescriptions and I’ll hopefully be fine in the next week or so.

I found this interesting site today. Brilliant But Cancelled. On it there is an unaired pilot of a show starring Jason Bateman and Greg Grunberg. “This show was scheduled to premiere in 2003 as a mid-season replacement. But NBC cancelled the show before it even aired. Seven episodes were produced but never aired.” ( Get those other episodes on itunes or something, the show was funny.

Another show that was funny was Psych. It is on tonight again, an encore of the pilot episode which was longer than an hour because it cut off and we missed the end. So I’m going to try again. If you miss it tonight at 11:00 it is on thursday at 9:00 and Friday at 12:30 in the afternoon. A new episode is on at 10:00pm on Friday. Check it out, it is quite funny. The whole Psych site is interesting, check it out.