Photo-A-Day #468 07/20/06

Tonight Allison and I went out with our friends Autumn and Kenny. Autumn, you may remember is Ms Wheelchair Massachusetts and she will be competing in the Ms Wheelchair America competition during the first week of August. And Autumn and Kenny recently got engaged. We are so happy for them. Autumn told Allison via e-mail that tonight at dinner she had something shiny to show her. So Congratulations Autumn and Kenny!

Today was filled with hospitals and doctor’s offices for me. I had my pre-op appointment to talk about my surgery on Monday. Tomorrow I start a regiment of antibiotic eye drops and apparently after hours of prep time the surgery itself is less than 10 minutes. So after that I am hoping to be able to see much better. That will be cool. The other appointment was for my feet. They have been doing much better so I don’t have to go back unless they start hurting too much.

Today after work I checked out different washer and dryers at Bernies, Best Buy and Lowes. I took down all the prices and item numbers to look em up all online. Yeah, the numbers don’t exactly correspond to the numbers that the store shows. And no I did not copy down the item number for the individual stores, I took down the product numbers from the manufacturers.

Last night Allison and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. We missed the first 3-5 minutes of the movie because of everyone else in line. But overall the movie was a good time. Great Popcorn flick.