Photo-A-Day #473 07/25/06

Today Allison and I put together the shelves that we bought at IKEA with Neil and Andrea. We also got to open some of our wedding stuff. We are very excited about that. Now we have more space and the use of some new stuff. Here is the progress of the activities from today.

Everything laid out and moved to the living room.

Duncan claimed Allison’s desk.

Everything off the desk.

Moving more stuff around.

Desk is gone, floor has been cleaned.

One section complete.

End and middle section complete.

The shelves are completed.

Kitchen counter is complete with new wedding gifts.

Can’t get far back enough to take a full shot of the shelves.

Left side, got all the cookbooks organized, now gotta start using them.

Middle Section

We moved the microwave, Right side of shelves.