Photo-A-Day #496 08/17/06

Today I started my morning off with web comics and a “Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity” at IHOP. I’m beginning to like it there. The wireless, the syrup, there’s just something about the place. The wireless connection there was “Excellent” today, unlike yesterday morning where it was “Low”. I’ll have to request the “Excellent” section again tonight when I actually post this message.

After breakfast and personal computer time, which included some messages back and forth to Andy (my most loyal reader and commenter) and Jay (Outer Banks Kiting) about weather stickers and surfing while working and things like that . By the Way Jay has been sending me many updates to the website, some great pictures, you should check it out.

I went back to the hotel. At the hotel I switched gears and went to the Business Center and began to prepare for the demo this afternoon. I went through the demo and find a few snags and got them taken care of but the Internet connection in the Business Center was terrible. It was much better at IHOP but I didn’t want to take up a seat all morning. I messed around with that for a while and finally got fed up and frustrated and left. I went back up to my room and something began to eat at me. I missed the Blue Whale on my adventure on Route 66 and I felt that my adventure would not be complete if I didn’t at least get to see it. So I went in search of the Blue Whale. I headed back to Mojo’s because that was in Catoosa and the Blue Whale is also in Catoosa. I drove along the back roads of Catoosa until I got to a dead end. No Whale. So I headed back, along the way I noticed that a highway ran parallel to where I was driving. I thought it was Route 44 the toll road but it wasn’t it was Route 66. I must have missed a sign and went straight instead of turning. So I got on Route 66 and headed towards where I thought the Blue Whale would be. I thought it was on the right hand side of the road so that is where I focused my attention. Do you ever get this mental picture in your head of what a place should look like and where it should be and you are totally wrong? No. Well, it happened to me. I was looking on the wrong side of the road. I gave myself only a little bit of time because I had to get back to the hotel for the demo, so when that time was up I turned around. On my way back I saw the blue whale, which was now on my right side and it had been on the left when I drove the other way. I switched lanes and pulled in to get out and take a couple of pictures. My camera that has been so faithful over the years showed me a ¼ left of juice. No charger and no way of knowing when it would crap out on me. I decided to chance it and got a few pictures including today’s photo a day with the mini tri-pod and the timer.

The whale was built in 1974 so it like me is 32 years old. The pond it is in is not swimable and it is sad to see this famous roadside attraction go by the wayside because I can imagine that it was a lot of fun in the heyday. I made it back to the hotel with an hour to spare before I had to meet up with everyone. So I got to begin today’s post. Tulsa is a really easy place to get around. I needed only to quickly scan the map, remember some directions like north and south and I was ready to go quickly. Not sure what the rest of the day hold for me but I am looking forward to seeing some more of Tulsa.

The demonstration went well and I had a good time at dinner with our sales rep and the other marketing rep. Now I am back in the business center. I couldn’t do IHOP again. I just couldn’t eat any more pancakes (Actual pancakes consumed 2 over 3 days time).

So not much of interest happened today, most of the day was taken up by the demo, God forbid I actually do work you know. So tonight as I am blogging in the business center I have been looking at different webisodes. What are webisodes, my Microsoft Word doesn’t know what they are but do you? Basically they are either amateur or professionally made videos or mini tv shows that are produced as their own show or a supplement for an existing show. I may have mentioned that The Office is doing a set of webisodes featuring the accountants. Well I got an e-mail from Food network about Dave Lieberman and his show Dave Does. So far there are two webisodes of Dave going to places and talking about things, the first is about school lunches and Dave goes all over the country from New York to Oregon to learn about some alternative type school lunches to help kids eat healthier. Episode #2 is about donuts. I’m starting a new set of links on the sidebar that are to the different webisodes that I find. Right after I teach MS Word what a webisode is.

Here are two bonus pictures from today at the Blue Whale.

The Whale without me standing in front of it.

The Hilton Sign