Photo-A-Day #516 09/06/06

That squash plant in the front yard seems to have a new addition. Allison saw this little squash on her way into the house today.

The new season of television shows has begun. Last night Allison and I watched the new Fox show called Standoff. This show stars Ron Livingston from Office Space and I thought it was a pretty decent premiere. Tom Wopat was a guest star. I will probably watch this again.

Bones is back, we watched last week’s premiere episode last night and tonight we watched the second episode. For some reason this season they are emphasizing the way that Bones is so different than everyone else in that she has terrible social skills. This frustrates me because last season she was coming along and becoming more social. Nevermind the fact that Tempe (Bones) is some much more social in the books. I need to get to some of the later books to see what happens but the character backstories are so different and that has made this season harder to watch. The best part of the show now is David Boreanaz. His character Seeley Booth is fantastic.