Photo-A-Day #520 09/10/06

Today Allison and I went to a Sunday Brunch at Rondi’s parent’s house in West Dennis. They had a wonderful spread of food and a beautiful home. Their home has such nice landscaping. We got there as one of the first people to arrive, surprise. The party started and many of their family and friends arrived. We spent some time talking about websites, photography and listened to Andy talk about kiteboarding. We had a great time at the Sunday Brunch and then we went to my grandparent’s house (Mom’s parent’s, we stayed with Dad’s parents this past weekend) for my grandparent’s 80th birthday. Mom made some finger sandwiches and we had 4 cakes, one for grandma and grandpa, one for Shelby, one for Erik and Tara made a gluten free one for grandma. We were joined by Tara, Erik, Mom, Dad, Shelby and then later my Aunt Luann and her daughter Lindsey came over, then Luann ran out to pick up her son Nick. So we had a full house. It was very nice to spend time and celebrate a milestone in my grandparent’s lives.

Taylor wishes Grandpa a Happy 80th.

Also a happy birthday goes out to my father-in-law Dan. Happy birthday Dano!